IIUM Centre for Lifelong Learning: Bustān Al-'ilm

معلومات الاتصال


IIUM Centre for Lifelong Learning: Bustān Al-'ilm


Seeking knowledge in Islam is obligatory (فريضة) for all Muslims, male and female, and Islamic learning is expected to be ‘from cradle (المهد) to grave (اللهد)’. Since its commencement, IIUM has been gradually implementing the holistic philosophy of education and integrated concept of knowledge by engaging in a wide range of educational programmes and activities particularly through Islamisation of Human Knowledge (IOHK) projects and efforts. This exercise is meant to put into practice the Islamic worldview and epistemology in various knowledge-related affairs which is hoped to enable Muslims to gain success and good life in this world and in the Hereafter.


IIUM has been in existence for more than 30 years.  Over that period, it has successfully offered educational programmes for various categories of the public as reflected in its different levels of educational programmes; pre-school, primary, secondary, college and University level education.  It is thus timely that the University now provides opportunity for the senior citizens and the elderly who may want to enhance their religious knowledge and practice at such age.  The establishment of Bustan Al-’Ilm is hoped to be able to address one of the criteria under Islamisation as the foundation of IIUM Strategic Plan and give big impact to the Ummah in the long run.


·         To establish a modern religious learning centre for senior citizens that is in line with the holistic Islamic philosophy of education and integrated concept of knowledge.

·         To instil Islamic values, norms and perspectives among participants as part of the religious obligation of “enjoining the Good (ma‘rūf) and Prohibiting the Bad (munkar)” in IIUM;

·         To inculcate the concept of pursuing useful knowledge as an act of ʿibādah(worship of Allah) among participants;

·         To be the first of its kind among IPTA that provides lifetime education in line with Islamic  ‘from cradle to grave’ concept of learning;

·         To implement one of IIUM’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes

·         To provide opportunity for participants to occupy their time with beneficial and religious activities; and

·         To exemplify IIUM communityas the Ummah with the mission of Rahmatan li’l-‘Ālamīn