1st World Congress (1 FWCII-2013)

معلومات الاتصال


1st World Congress (1 FWCII-2013)


The International Islamic University Malaysia was established by the Malaysian Government in 1983 to provide, for the younger generation of Muslims from all over the world, an Islamic alternative higher education in which knowledge would be pursued and developed on the basis of the worldview and epistemology of TAWHID, instead of the secular paradigm of human knowledge which divorces:

a)     Human reason from DIVINE revelation, guidance and wisdoms;

b)     Professional disciplines from morality; and

c)     Knowledge of physical, human or social realities from metaphysical, religious and spiritual TRUTHS

The necessity to construct and disseminate the acquired human knowledge on the basis of the TAWHIDIC epistemology in anchored in the Divine commandment to seek knowledge in the name of Allah, God Most Gracious, and to use the God-given Intellect (‘Aql) as well as all the God-given natural resources and bounties in accordance with the Divine-prescribed purposes and ends.

In its thirty years of history, IIUM has tried to fulfil this sacred mission, together with like-minded institutions, organizations and individual scholars from different parts of the world.  Today, as the world is witnessing more and more symptoms of systemic collapse of conventional economic, political and moral structures – with planet earth itself facing unprecedented ecological crises – there is a real and pressing need to bring together Muslim scholars, scientists, intellectuals and professionals from all over the world, who share the commitment to the paradigm of TAWHID and the urgency to develop better or alternative solution approaches, theories, perspectives or ideas in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, based on the God-given paradigm.

A World Congress of the nature is being held for the first time at this very critical juncture in the history of modern civilization, and we, at IIUM, fervently hope to be able to gather 300-500 Muslim scholars and experts in the five major branches of acquired human knowledge in this first-ever Congress.  The three-days Congress will features, In’shaa’Allah, five important keynote addresses by prominent exponents of epistemological integration and Islamicisation in the different fields of contemporary human knowledge, and would be able to discuss 110 research papers in English, Arabic and Malay-Indonesian languages.


To gather Muslim scholars, scientist, academics, professionals and experts who are or have been involved in the project of integration or IOHK from all parts of the world, to mutually benefit from each other’s works, findings or products.
To forge new and transnational strategies to offer Tawhidic paradigm discourse and intellectual constructs as constituting complementary and/or alternative paradigms of human knowledge towards the reconstruction of Muslim society, culture and civilization, beset by its own internal malaise, as well as the reform of contemporary secular humanistic world disorder.
To showcase IIUM’s achievements in terms of teaching, research and publications, after three decades of its existence, in fulfilling the Mission of “Islamisation of Human Knowledge” (IOHK) as stated in the Constitution (Memorandum of Association) of the University.
To position IIUM internationally and locally as the major Reference Centre for IOHK and related issues as stated in the Strategic Plan of IIUM.