Master of Health Sciences (By Research)

Master of Health Sciences (By Research)



  • Master of Health Sciences (By Research) | MQA/FA6554


Specializations under the Masters of Health Sciences (By Research) and Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences (By Research) Programmes: 

• Optometry

• Visual Sciences

• Audiology

• Speech-Language Pathology

• Radiography

• Medical Imaging

• Nutrition Sciences

• Health Biotechnology

• Health Communication

• Health Psychology

• Health Education

• Healthcare Ethics

• Biomedical Sciences

• Medical Laboratory Sciences

• Anatomy

• Biochemistry

• Cancer Biology

• Cellular and Molecular Biology

• Community Medicine

• Community Nutrition

• Genetics

• Health Management

• Health Promotion

• Human Factors

• Medical Microbiology

• Medical Parasitology

• Microbiology

• Molecular Medicine

• Occupational Health and Safety

• Pathology

• Pharmacology

• Physiology

• Rehabilitation Science

• Tissue Engineering

• Toxicology



Brief introduction

Research-Based Masters of Health Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy Programme

The undergraduate programmes of the Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences commenced in 2004 and with the increase in the number of academic staff in specific niche areas, the Kulliyyah has able to offer postgraduate degree programmes starting 2007. At present, there are lecturers with PhD or professional postgraduate qualifications on board and each has the experience and capability of supervising postgraduate students. Supervision could also be shared with other appropriate supervisors from other Kulliyyahs at the IIUM Kuantan Campus through the appointment of co-supervisors.

Being one of the youngest faculties of the University, the Kulliyyah is located in the new Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences building at the Bandar Indera Mahkota of Kuantan, Pahang. Adequate research facilities, teaching classes and laboratories are available for general and specific use including up-to-date equipments to accommodate postgraduate learning needs. Other than strengthening Kulliyyah research efforts, this will also cater for the students who have great passion and determination to do research work and participate in intellectual activities.  Kulliyyah targets would be personnel who are engaged in research and development in industries and research institutes as well as bachelor degree holders with good academic background.

The focus of study leading towards a Masters of Health Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy in an Allied Health Sciences field will be research based with some input of courses such as Research Methodology and Islamic Values as indicated in the tables below.


Program Outcome

At the end of the programme, graduates must be able to:

  • Assume leadership role in the academia, research or clinical setting
  • Formulate, design, implement and defend own original research generated through critical analysis and synthesis of new ideas
  • Contribute to original research and communicate findings to appropriate audience through presentations at local and international level including writing in international reviewed journals and publications
  • Apply research findings in the design and evaluation of new methods in the health care delivery system and services
  • Network and work in collaboration with others in the advancement of knowledge in the field of health sciences
  • Apply ethical principles and understand social and cultural sensitivities in research and professional activities
  •  Demonstrate a sense of need to update their knowledge base in the promotion of life-long learning in line with the teachings in Islam


Career Opportunities

As a research based program, graduate in general can assume role in academic or any research position. As a research based program for clinical allied health science professional, graduate can continuously serves as allied health science professional in private or government sectors with additional skills as an independent researcher. 

Student Affair

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