Bachelor of Education (Guidance and Counseling)

Bachelor of Education (Guidance and Counseling)


1. Program/MQR No.

Bachelor of Education (Guidance and Counseling) (Honours) / 11172


Brief introduction

The purpose of this programme is to train undergraduates in the area of guidance and counselling for school and other organizations. The students will also be required to become a licensed counsellor in order to execute their duties in school under the Ministry of Education. The following are the specific aims of this program:

i.    To produce qualified counsellors for Malaysian schools, mental health and community agencies (governmental and non-governmental organizations).
ii.    To meet the demand for professional licensed counsellors and to meet the demand for counselling programme imbued with Islamic values (IOHK).


Program Outcome

The Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) program is designed to achieve the following program learning outcomes:

1. Demonstrate familiarity with established knowledge in the field of Counselling and awareness of current development therein.
2. Use relevant skills learnt in this Counselling area for professional and personal development.
3. Cooperate with others and apply knowledge in a socially responsible manner for the progress of the nation and the Ummah
4. Demonstrate commitment with ethics, autonomy and professionalism in the workplace and everyday life.
5. Communicate with people from a diverse range of backgrounds with empathy, and leadership qualities.
6. Analyse issues and demonstrate skillfulness in planning, executing and evaluating strategies and action plans.
7. Use the necessary learning skills in information management and apply effective strategies for lifelong self-improvement.
8. Apply basic managerial and entrepreneurial skills in relevant fields.
9. Integrate Islamic Universal values in the execution of their professional duties


Career Opportunities

A Bachelor of Education degree in Counseling prepares you for work as Counselor in government and private schools as well as a Counselor in the social welfare Department (JKM), non-governmental organizations (NGO) and the private sector. After some experience, you could even open your own private practice or even become a consultant.

Jobs directly related to the degree include:

School counselor, College/University Counselor, Counselor/Psychology officer in government department, Counselor in private practice, Counselor in NGO, Career Counselor, Psychotherapist.

Jobs where the degree would be useful include:

Psychology Consultant, Motivational speaker, mentor, Life coach, Author, radio/tv Host, Employment Officer, Marketing, Business, Human Resource Manager, Management Trainee, Teacher, Lecturer.


Program Structure

Your studies will commence in the first year with the foundations of being a professional Counselor. You will be introduced to the major theories and principles of counseling. In this year, you will start to develop the practical helping skills used in counseling and get an idea of how to conduct psychological assessments. This foundation work will continue into the second year. In the third year you will begin the transition to handle real-life client issues. In the counselling practicum, you will be guided by professional counsellors to conduct counseling in an educational setting. In the fourth year after completing the remaining theoretical subject you will once again be posted in an educational institution where you will be expected to practice guidance and counselling to the highest professional standards. Besides counselling skills, the program will also equip you with research knowledge and skills, preparing you for postgraduate studies or for a career as a researcher.

The required courses include:

University Required Courses (20 credit hours)

MPU 3122: Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS)

MPU 3112: Hubungan Etnik


UNGS 2060:  Malay Virtues, Heritage and Malaysian Society

LM 1030 & LM 1031

Bahasa Melayu I & II untuk Pelajar Antarabangsa          OR

LM 1040 & LM 1041

Bahasa Melayu I & II untuk Pelajar Antarabangsa (Nusantara)


UNGS 2011:  Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Usrah 1 (BUDI) Package

Usrah 2 (BUDI) Package

Leadership Package 1

Leadership Package 2

Skills Package 1

Skills Package 2

LE 4000:  English Academic Writing

TQ 1001: Tilawah Al Quran 1

TQ 2001: Tilawah Al Quran II

LQ 1008: Quranic Language I

LQ 2008: Quranic Language II

UNGS 2080: Ethics and Fiqh of Contemporary Issues

UNGS 2090: The Islamic Worldview, Knowledge and Civilization

CCCD 1621 Usrah 3 (BUDI)

CCCD 1622 Usrah 4 (BUDI)

Kulliyyah Required Courses (24 credit hours)

EDF 1001: Historical & Philosophical Foundations of Malaysian Education

EDP 1103: Educational Psychology

EDT 1303: Instructional Technology

EDP 1610: Understanding Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

EDC 1701: The Organization of the School Co-curriculum

EDF 2203: Sociology of Education

EDP 2160: Tools of Thinking 

EDC 3002: Curriculum and Instruction


EDP 3501: Testing and Assessment in Education


LM 2023 Bahasa Melayu Kerjaya (Sains Sosial)


Specialization Courses (72 credit hours)

EDG 1001: Introduction to Counseling for  Schools Counselors

EDG 1002: Theories of Guidance and Counseling

EDG 1010: Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling

EDG 1503: Introduction to Statistics

EDG 1901: Counseling Lab I (Individual)     

EDG 1501: Individual Appraisal:  Counseling Children and Adolescents

EDG 2003: Introduction to Group Counseling             

EDG 2004: Career Development

EDG 2902: Counseling Lab II

EDG 3005: Career Counseling

EDG 3006: Psycho-educational and Consultation

EDG 1502:  Guidance and Counseling Programme Planning Evaluation

EDG 3401: Research Methods in Counseling

EDG 3402: Action Research

EDG 3903: Counseling Practicum

EDG 4008: Introduction to Cross-cultural Counseling

EDG 4009: Islamic Approach to Counseling

EDG 4013: Seminar in Counseling:  Professional and Human Development

EDP 1002: Theories of Personality

EDG 3252: Counseling Children and Play Therapy

EDG 3253: Adolescent Development in Counseling

EDG 4211: Mental Health in School

EDG 3250: Introduction to Marriage and Family Counseling

EDG 4212: Substance Abuse and Addictions

Minor Courses (30 credit hours)

EDC 1350: Moral Development from the Psychological Perspective

EDC 1351: Moral Development from the Sociological Perspective

EDC 1352: Civics and Citizenship Education

EDC 2354: Introduction to Moral Philosophy

EDC 2355: Moral Philosophy from the Islamic Perspective

EDC 3360: Social Work for Community Service

EDC 3362: Contemporary Moral Issues

EDC 3363: Curriculum of Moral Education

EDC 4365: Methods of Teaching Moral Education I


EDC 4366 Methods of Teaching Moral Education II



Duration of Study

The course takes four years of full-time study to complete.


Student Affair

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