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Office of the Campus Director, 

IIUM Kuantan Campus, 
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 
Bandar Indera Mahkota, 
25200 Kuantan, 
Pahang Darul Makmur, 

Phone:  +609-570 4000

Fax:  +609-571 6797

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Facilities & Services

Corporate Management

o    Provide customer service assistance to IIUM stakeholders (parents, students, outsiders) via phone calls

o    Monitor the part timers and practical students

o    Identify the relevant training for CCD staff according to the knowledge, skills and competency

o    Coordinate and monitor the training activities for staff in CCD

o    Responsible in handling the customer complaints against IIUM

o    Monitor the customer complaints in IIUM and response the complaint on behalf of the University

o    Identify the suitable places to conduct CSR programme

o    Coordinate with relevant department in IIUM

o   Advice the KCDIs in organising events i.e. protocol, appointment of Master of Ceremony, etc.

o   Provide protocol advise to KCDIs according to the standard practice in IIUM

o   To advise on protocol matters for University events organised by KCDIs which involve the presence of IIUM Constitutional Head, IIUM President, IIUM Top Management, Senior Officials and BOG Members

o   Receive and coordinate the programme for Organisational and School visit to IIUM

o   Provide photography and videography services for University events

o   Produce photos for KCDIs (by request)

o   Assist KCDIs in promoting their events i.e. conferences, seminars, workshops and other activities in IIUM through media agencies

o   Promote IIUM through media agencies and printed media (locally & internationally)

o   Monitor the implementation of Corporate Identify Manual in promotion materials produced by KCDIs

o   As the media representative of IIUM (locally and internationally)

o   To provide training and consultation for students as per mentioned;

      i)     Public Speaking

      ii)    Master of Ceremony

      iii)   Event Host

      iv)   Forum Moderator

      v)    Event management