James Dyson Foundation Engineering Workshop for IIUM Engineering students

James Dyson Foundation Engineering Workshop for IIUM Engineering students

Start Date : 10 Apr 2019   End Date : 10 Apr 2019

Location : Kulliyyah of Engineering

Organizer : Malaysian James Dyson Foundation, KOE


James Dyson Award 2019 is now open from 28th March - 11th July 2019. To encourage participation from IIUM, Malaysian James Dyson Foundation would like to run an engineering workshop for our engineering students.

Through the workshop, students will learn first-hand on what it means to be a design engineer where students will be exposed to Dyson’s philosophy and gain an insight into the life of a design engineer. Students are also given an opportunity to work in teams and create a prototype during this workshop by solving existing problems. By engaging with design engineering in this way, students can see that design engineering can be interesting and that design engineers don’t just fix things, but generate new and innovative solutions to everyday frustrations. They will also share about James Dyson Award the yearly international competition and tips by professional judges to our students.

Details on The Workshop

Tentative date : 10th of April

Tentative time : 10:30 AM to 3.00 PM
Venue : TBA, Kulliyyah of Engineering


10.00 - 10.30 am : Registration
10.30 - 10.45 am : Introduction of Dyson history
10.45 - 11.45 am : Lecture on Dyson Design Engineering
11.45 - 12.45 pm : Break for student to have their lunch
12.45 - 02.00 pm : Dyson Design Workshop/Theme: Ideas that solve daily frustrations

Think of problem and sketching (10 minutes)
Working on 3d model –prototype (40 minutes)
2 minutes presentation x 10 groups ( 20 minutes)
Clean up by students while lecturers and engineers to decide on the Best Project

02.00 - 02.15 pm : Announcement on the ‘Best Project’
02.15 - 02.45 pm : Introduction on James Dyson Award Competition
02.45 - 03.00 pm : Q & A

The workshop will be run by 2 Dyson engineers, and this workshop is open to all engineering students, but is limited to 50 seats only. Link for registration:

Appreciate if you can kindly disseminate and promote the event to your students, and we hope that our students can win the James Dyson Award again, this year. InsyaAllah.