Kafalah (Foster Parents)

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Kafalah (Foster Parents)

KAFALAH (Foster Parents)

IIUM has taken a bold step in setting up this IEF, a unit dedicated to raise funds to help the students in their studies. One of the main projects of IEF is KAFALAH (Foster Parents program). Kafalah is initiated to help the University to provide financial assistance to IIUM students from all over the world. 

With an initial gift of at least RM400, a donor will be able to foster a student studying in the International Islamic University Malaysia. The
Endowment Fund simply allows donors to concentrate on choosing the foster students according to their preferences.

It is hoped that this will help to promote cross cultural appreciation and learning.

Methods of Contribution

The Kafeel (Foster Parent) may opt to be a full sponsor to a student or combination of partial Kafeel of two, three, four or five. The payments can be made on a monthly, half yearly or yearly basis.

The number of Kafeel and the amount of payment required are: 

  • 1 Kafeel  - RM350.00
  • 2 Kafeels - RM175.00
  • 3 Kafeels - RM117.00
  • 4 Kafeels - RM88.00
  • 5 Kafeels - RM70.00

For more information you may contact us at +603 6196 4133 / 4268

Tax Deductible ( for Malaysian )

All cash donated to the International Islamic University Malaysia are tax deductible under Section 44(6) Income Tax Act, (IIUM Reference no. JHDN. 01/35/42/51/179-6.2932).