IIUM Flagship

IIUM Flagship

The IIUM Flagships are high-impact initiatives or projects with a set of planned and continuous activities that aim to support the University to develop Balanced Graduates and Balanced Staff, Values Creation, Sejahtera Society and Institutional Stability, as described in the IIUM Roadmap 2021-2022.

During the implementation of IIUM Roadmap 2019-2020, a total of 29 IIUM Flagships were established. Recognising the impacts of IIUM Flagships in contributing to the University agendas, under the Roadmap 2021-2022 the University will again look to IIUM Flagships as among the main initiatives to support the implementation of the Roadmap.

Under the IIUM Roadmap 2021-2022, 46 projects are recommended to be as IIUM Flagship 2.0 came from Kulliyyahs and Institutes, Centres and Offices, as well as from Mahallahs and students.

2LEAD4PEACE2 Capacity Building for Islam, Peace and Civilizational Development: Engaging Extremism, Terrorism and Conflict through Education for Sustainability

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Danial Mohd. Yusof |

Community Humility Modules

Dr. Liza Abdullah |

Ar-Rahmah Project: A Sejahtera Solution

Prof. Dr. Rahmah Ahmad H. Osman |

Break The Barriers (BtB)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Siti Nurnadilla Mohamad Jamil |

Mosque in Post-Materialistic Era 2.0

Asst. Prof. Dr. Majdan Alias |

Falsafah Pendidikan Kebangsaaan: Realising Its Aspirations Through Transformative Education

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suhailah Hussien |


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasmah Mansor |


Asst. Prof. Dr. Zakuan Azizi Bin Shamsul Harumain |

Health Information and Knowledge from Malay Medical Manuscripts

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd. Affendi Mohd Shafri |

Malay Food Heritage Branding

Asst. Prof. Dr. Samshul Amry Bin Abdul Latif |

I Do Care

Asst. Prof. Dr. Farah Natashah Binti Mohd |

Gender Dysphoria

Prof. Dr. Samsul Bin Draman |

Sustainable Smokefree Sejahtera Campus Community 2.0

Prof. Dr. Mohamad Haniki Nik Mohamed |

Training & Advocacy of Technological Innovation & Commercialization (TACTIC)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Rozailin Abdul Rahman |

Tirkah Rimba

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohamad Suhaizi Bin Suhaimi |

IIUM Frozen Zoo

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Lokman Md. Isa |

Toyyiban Restaurant Rating System (TRRS)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Khairusy Syakirin Has-Yun Bin Hashim |

Sejahtera Family

Assoc. Prof. Dato' Dr. Hamizah Ismail |

OKU 4U Sejahtera & Islamic Outreach Project

Prof. Dr. Ruzita Mohd Amin |

Sejahtera Youth & Single Mother (YSM) in RCE Greater Gombak

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norhayati Mohd. Alwi |

The Muara: A Living River Lab in Muar

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nur Hidayah binti Abd Rahman |

Indigenous Sports for All

Mdm. Norsharmila Zabani |

Greater Gombak Animal Shelter Project

Mdm. Zarinah Jan Yusof Khan |

IIUM Jungle School Initiatives (IIUM JSI)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Norzalifa Binti Zainal Abidin |

Access to Justice for the Community

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norliah Ibrahim |

Sejahtera Community: Establishing the Older People Access to Health Promotion and Healthcare Services in Improving Quality of Life (QOL) of Felda Settlers

Asst. Prof. Dr. Patimah Abdul Wahab |

Sejahtera Shop

Br. Mohammad Hakeem Zainal Abidin | 

Peduli Asli

Br. Johan Hj Ibrahim |

Carbon Less (CFS Low Carbon Footprint Campus)

Br. Taifunisyam Bin Taib |

Islamic Social Finance for B40 Community 2.0

Asst. Prof. Dr. Syarah Syahira binti Mohd Yusoff |

Stingless Bee Smart Farming

Asst. Prof. Dr. Adibah Amir |

Sustainable Reimbursement Drug Policy

Prof. Dr. Che Suraya Hj. Mohd. Zin |

Humanising Digital Education

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sharifah Nur Amirah Sarif Abdullah |

Sustainable Social Bank

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Normi Sham Awang Abu Bakar |

IIUM Mental Health and Psychosocial Care Team (IMPaCT)

Prof. Dr. Shukran Abd Rahman |

Sana Al-Tajweed for Quranic Cultured among IIUM family

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ir. Salmiah Ahmad |

Siber Sejahtera

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nurul Nuha Abdul Molok |


Madam Latifah Ramli |

e-Scroll: Comprehensive Academic Assurance System

Prof. Dato' Dr. Norbik Bashah Idris |

IIUM Food Waste Composting

Prof. Dr. Md Zahangir Alam |

Innovative Toyyib Environment Minds (ITEMS)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zaleha Kassim |

Virtual Knowledge Transfer for InSAF and Native Tree Conservation

Prof. Ts. Dr. Azura Amid |

Electric Coaster: an Innovation in Ultra-Fast Battery Charging System

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Ataur Rahman |

IIUM River of Life

Prof. Dr. Ma'an Fahmi Rashid Al-Khatib |

IIUM Solar Park

Mdm. Nur Zafirah Mohd Rodzi |

Patin Buah as Sustainable Food Production Sources

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nur Nazifah Mansor |

The IIUM Flagship 2.0 monitoring mechanism involves three levels:

Project leader of the IIUM Flagship is required to report their project progress on quarterly basis. OSIC will prepare the progress analysis and presents IIUM Flagships progress at UMC Meeting and Board of Governors (BOG) Meeting on half-yearly basis.

For a continuous monitoring progress, each flagship is assigned to 7 Champions, the members of the University Management Committee (UMC) to spearhead the flagship implementation. OSIC has prepared the Google live spreadsheet for each flagship project that is accessible by the project leaders/ members of the flagship for progress reporting. Non-compliance of agreement and non-adherence to timelines may result in the decision by the UMC or BOG to suspend or terminate the projects (Refer to Item 12.0 of IIUM FLAGSHIP 2.0 GUIDELINES).

a) IIUM Flagship 2.0 Selection

The call for bidding was made by OSIC latest by in January 2021 through IIUM email announcement to allow IIUM community to submit project proposals to be considered as IIUM Flagships. Altogether 100 proposals were submitted to OSIC. Out of 100 proposals, 46 proposals were recommended as IIUM Flagships. IIUM Flagships 2.0 implementation period will be from January 2021 to December 2022.

b) IIUM Takrīm 2021 – Showcase of IIUM Flagship 2.0 Virtual Booth

 During the month of IIUM Takrīm 2021, all flagship projects were invited to showcase their works and activities via virtual booth platform at Using the platform, IIUM community and public are able to get more updates and information about the flagships by downloading the brochure provided in the booth.

c) IIUM Flagship 2.0 Special Session with Rector

A special session between project leaders and the IIUM rector has been organised in 3rd August 2021. This session is to instil and encourage flagship projects to continuously became the backbone for IIUM to support the implementation of the IIUM Roadmap. During the session, OSIC has presented the 1st monitoring progress of all flagship projects.


d) Special session with Finance

A special session with the IIUM Finance Unit was organised on 12th August 2021 for IIUM flagship 2.0 regarding on financial matters. This session managed to discussed several important matters raised by the Flagship Leader, including:

  • Financial matters related to flagship project account related to sponsorship, donation and special fund
  • Any particular procedures for a crowdfunding programme by flagship projects.
  • Matters arising by Project leaders/ Flagship's Treasurer in regards to flagship account and financial status. 


FP01 Mosque in the Post-Materialistic Era | KIRKHS | Assoc. Prof. Dr. Majdan Alias |

FP02 Lingua Revolution and Human Civilisation Education | KIRKHS | Assoc. Prof. Dr. Solehah Yaacob |

FP03 Falsafah Pendidikan Kebangsaan (FPK) for the 21st Century | KOED | Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suhailah Hussein |


FP04 School for Sustainable Marine Livelihood | KOS (INOCEM) | Dr. Mohd. Fuad Miskon |

FP05 Patin Buah as Sustainable Food Production Sources | KOS | Dr. Nur Nazifah Mansor |

FP06 Malay Medical Manuscripts as Sources of Health Information | KAHS | Dr. Mohd Affendi Mohd Shafri |


FP07 The MUARA: A Living River Lab in Muar | KLM | Dr. Nur Hidayah Abd. Rahman |

FP08 Indigenous Heritage & Cultural Living Lab in Gombak | KAED | Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Ar. Dr. Elias Saleh |

FP09 The 3E (Empowering, Enriching, & Enabling) Youth Programme | KIRKHS | Dr. Wan Mazwati Wan Yusof |


FP10 Peace and Justice in the Community | AIKOL | Prof. Dr. Nora Abdul Hak |

FP11 Peace Building & Civilisation for Humanity | ISTAC | Assoc. Prof. Dr. Danial Yusof |


FP12 Maqasid Shariah Compliant & Productive Work Culture | INHART | Prof. Dr. Hamzah Mohd Salleh |


FP13 Sustainable Endowment and Redistribution System | KENMS | Dr. Maya Puspa Rahman |

FP14 Accounting and Analytics for Ummah | KENMS | Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suhaiza Ismail |

FP15 Islamic Social Finance for B40 Community | IIIBF | Assoc. Prof. Romzie Rosman |


FP16 Indigenous & Traditional Co-Learning Initiative | KIRKHS | Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noor Azlan Mohd. Noor |

FP17 Peduli Asli Initiative | CENSERVE | Mdm. Martinelli Hashim |

FP18 Jungle School Initiative | SC4SH | Dr. Norzalifa Zainal Abidin |

FP19 River of Life Initiative | KOE | Prof. Dr. Ma'an Alkhatib |

FP20 IIUM Innovative Electric Coaster | KOE | Prof. Dr. Md. Ataur Rahman |


FP21 e-Scroll: Comprehensive Academic Assurance System | KICT | Prof. Dato' Dr. Norbik Bashah Idris |

FP22 Siber Sejahtera Synergy | KICT | Assoc. Prof. Dr. Normaziah Abdul Aziz |

FP23 MASA-Chain | KICT | Assoc. Prof. Dr. Normi Sham Awang Abu Bakar |


FP24 Healthcare for Sejahtera Community | KON | Asst. Prof. Dr. Patimah Abdul Wahab |

FP25 Gender Dysphoria | KOM | Assoc Prof. Dr. Samsul Draman |

FP26 I-DO-CARE | KOD | Dr. Farah Natashah Mohd |

FP27 Sustainable Smoke-Free Campus Community | KOP | Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamad Haniki Nik Mohamed |

FP28 Snoezelen Room for Special Kids| IIUMMC | Assoc. Prof. Dato' Dr. Mohamad Saufi Awang |

FP29 Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative | IIUMMC | Assoc. Prof. Dato' Dr. Hamizah Binti Ismail |