Searching for excellent candidates from abroad for Goethe's Master Scholarship Programmes

Searching for excellent candidates from abroad for Goethe's Master Scholarship Programmes

Date : 26 May 2019

Reported by : Mohamad Hazim Bin Selamat

Category : News


Dear colleagues,

Goethe University Frankfurt has an interesting offer for dedicated students: The Goethe Goes Global

Master Scholarships – now open for 75 master’s programmes!

Who is eligible to apply?

Students who hold or are on track for an excellent Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) from a university outside Germany. A strong motivation for research is also required as the students are encouraged to join activities in distinguished research units on campus and pursue a PhD in the long run.

Goethe University will provide scholarship holders with:
•A monthly scholarship amount of 1,000 € for the standard period of a master’s programme at
Goethe-University (generally 2 years)
•Support and orientation from an experienced master's student buddy during the studies
•Access to seminars focusing on professional skills at our Graduate Academy (GRADE), normally open
only to PhD students and postdocs
•Access to an innovative research environment and networks connecting the scholarship holders and
other advanced researchers
•Career support through Goethe University’s Research Support Office
In some cases, it is possible to select a research unit in the application and if the research unit is
nominating the candidate, he/she will receive:
•The option of having excellent academic supervision by professors and academic staff who, in most
cases, work in the distinguished research units at the university
•The option to write the master's thesis and other seminar papers or do an internship in an
appropriate research unit at the university
•Insight and involvement in the activities of multidisciplinary research groups at Goethe University

Goethe University’s master scholarship programme is a ground-breaking project and unique in the
academic landscape of Germany. Currently there are 20 scholarships per year available for all
consecutive master’s programmes and addressed to excellent students interested in research. For
more information, please have a look at the GGG-website:

Kind regards
Goethe Goes Global Team

Attachment - GGG info sheet