Al-Quran programme for special needs children

Al-Quran programme for special needs children

Date : 13 November 2019

Reported by : Roslan Bin Rusly

Category : News


By Fatin Nabila(IIUM Today)

GOMBAK - - “Jom Dhuha Anak Istimewa” or Al-Quran for Special Needs, is a programme that focused on assisting disabled children to objectively experience a journey of spirituality in releasing themselves through Quran, Wudhu’, Ruqyah, and Zikr. 

Conducted by IIUM Special Parents Support Group in collaboration with Faqeh Foundation and held on Sunday (10 November), the event had gathered 30 volunteers to serve 30 disabled students whose age ranges from four until 20 years.

This programme targets three major stakeholders who are students with disability capabilities, parents and volunteers.

Interestingly, this programme had also prepared a special forum called Tarbiyatul Aulad mainly for parents to stress the importance of providing spiritual’s experience to their children especially with special needs. 

Representative of Faqeh Foundation, Ustazah Atikah said, “An awakening and holistic programme serving for both parties, parents and children, to better understand the need of spirituality demanded from both, would indeed directly lead to better life.”

Organised from 8.00 a.m until 12.00 p.m with the objective to provide spiritual experiences to their three major stakeholders, the event had successfully ended with a montage on children’s capacities to undergo on the journey of spirituality with the appointed volunteers.

Donation to Faqeh Foundation is open to help students with disability by contacting Nasri (+60) 17- 352 9436 or Sophia (+60) 12- 305 1307. ***