Short Courses

Arabic Courses (Public)

Arabic Language is the language of Islamic civilization and currently is expanding as a language of communication. The areas covered in the courses offered at the Institute are from the fundamentals to advance level The classes are handled by well experienced instructors in the Arabic language.

Students will be exposed to Arabic characters up to diction and conversation. The teaching materials range from easy to advanced Arabic texts. Some aspects of the Arabic culture will also be exposed to the participants to enhance their understanding of the language.

The courses are offered three times a year at all IIUM campuses in Gombak, Petaling Jaya, and Kuantan. The participants can choose to meet twice a week (Monday & Wednesday, 8 pm - 10 pm) or once a week (Saturday, 9 am - 12 pm).

The course fee is RM 500 per semester, excluding the materials, for 40-hour course per level / 10 weeks. This course consists of 6 levels of Arabic language and Tafsir Harfiyyah for those who want to study Arabic by using Quranic's Arabic language.

English Courses (Public)

English for the Public is meant for anyone who wants to improve their English Language proficiency in order to participate better in daily, social and workplace communication. At the Institute, the courses are offered three times a year.

You will learn English grammar rules, vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence structure and various language skills such as listening, reading, speaking and writing. You will also learn how to apply these skills in real life situations through role-play, simulations, group discussions, and presentations.

Class are conducted either weekly, every Saturday from 9am-1pm / 4 hours or twice a week, Tuesday & Thursday from 8 pm -10 pm /2 hours /2 days only at IIUM campuses in Gombak and the courses' fee is RM 840.

Intensive English Programme

The Intensive English Programme (IEP) is a skills based programme designed to improve language skills in the core areas of grammar (usage), reading, writing, listening and speaking. The programme is carefully designed to meet the unique skillset and goals of academically and non-academically bound learners of English, across all levels of language proficiency, from Foundation to Advanced. The IEP is offered in five semesters per year and the duration for each semester is 7 weeks

The programme fee is RM 1100 for Malaysian and RM 2750 for International.

Quranic Recitation Courses (Public)

Al-Quran Courses for the general public or Kursus Umum Tilawah Al-Quran are open for anyone (18 years and above) who would like to learn to recite Al-Quran in the correct and proper manner. The programme consists of many levels ranging from the fundamental classes up to its skills level. The courses fee is RM 420.

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