Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)


Program/MQR No.: 

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)/ MQA.600-2/3/1720(40)

Brief introduction: 

Physiotherapists or Physical therapists have an important role in Malaysia Healthcare services of people of all ages. They help to restore functional mobility when patients are having injuries, illness, or are living with chronic illness or long-term impairments. The Physiotherapists work in multidisciplinary teams, in a Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, Sport Institutions/Associations, Industries, etc. and practice in a variety of settings. A strong scientific background with excellent communication skills, good clinical reasoning, and caring attitude are the basic characteristic a physiotherapist should possessed. This course gives you a high-quality academic education, intensive training in relevant clinical environments, and the chance to study with expert physiotherapists and leading researchers. You will acquire the knowledge and skills you need to practice as a physiotherapist, using exercise, movement analysis, manual therapy and specialist techniques to restore, improve and promote health. The course will prepare you for a range of career opportunities, working independently or as part of a team of healthcare professionals.

Program Outcome:

After successfully completing the programme, our graduates are:

• Physiotherapists who are knowledgeable, skilful and able to make a professional decision as a team involved in the health care services.
• Physiotherapists who can communicate effectively in managing patients and possess quality leadership in an organization.
• Competent physiotherapists with the ability to optimize the use of technology in assessing, analyzing, managing patients.
• Physiotherapists who fulfil the government’s aspiration in health services towards the public in terms of improving accessibility, quality and effective health care in the nation based on evidences.
• Physiotherapists who integrate faith, knowledge and good character in their lives in accordance with the vision and mission of the university and accountable to society.

At the end of the programme, student shall be able to:

• Apply physiotherapy knowledge in making sound clinical decisions.
• Apply appropriate physiotherapy skills in managing patients.
• Provide physiotherapy service for rehabilitation for the community.
• Act appropriately according to the professional ethical conduct.
• Work efficiently in multidisciplinary healthcare teams with effective communication skills and good leadership.
• Critically review trends in theory, practice and management based on evidences in solving problems relating to physiotherapy practice.
• Proficient in attaining new scientific knowledge to be a life-long and self-directed learners towards research activities using ICT.
• Recognise and make capital of opportunities for business and entrepreneurial ventures and employ related management skills.
• Integrate Islamic values in patients’ management and personal conduct.

Career Opportunities:

Physiotherapists can choose to work across a broad spectrum that ranges from paediatrics to care of the elderly, and from occupational health to intensive care. As you gain experience, you might prefer to work with a variety of medical conditions or to specialize. Your career might progress in numbers of rewarding directions, whether towards clinical practice, or further study to be a lecturer or researcher.

Program Structure: 

The Physiotherapy programme (Bachelor in Physiotherapy with honours) in IIUM is a full-time course. It is a minimum of four (4) years course ie. eight (8) semesters and maximum of six (6) years ie. twelve (12) semesters (see Attachment A for full list of courses). The programme is based on semesters in IIUM where have been arranged for the recognition of local physiotherapy body and some of the international body. The program involved lectures, Problem-based Learning, in-house practical sessions, research project, elective postings and clinical placement.

Duration of Study: 

The course takes four years (8 semesters) of full-time study to complete.

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