Bachelor of Optometry (Honours)

Bachelor of Optometry (Honours)


Bachelor of Optometry (Honours)

Program/MQR No. 

Bachelor of Optometry (Honours)/MQR No.: AA0020
Brief introduction
Optometrist are primary health-care specialists trained to examine the eyes for defects in sight, ocular diseases and problems related to general health. They also trained to fit and supply optical appliances such as spectacles, contact lenses and low vision aids. Optometrists are responsible for detection, diagnosis and management of ocular diseases and the rehabilitation of conditions of the visual system. They provide primary eye care responsible for ocular and ophthalmic referrals to the secondary care services. An optometrist examines the visual system to establish its state of health and to provide, if necessary, an optical correction to optimize visual performance.
Program Outcome

The Bachelor of Optometry program envisions its graduates becoming well-rounded optometrists that are adaptive, dynamic with unswerving commitment and professionalism to support IIUM aspiration of becoming the leading international center of educational excellence with the integration of Islamic revealed knowledge and values in optometry discipline and its educational activities.
Career Opportunities
The majority of optometrists are independent primary care general optometric practitioners, some practice part-time or full time in hospital eye departments and others are active in research and teaching. The development of the scope of optometric practice includes proposals for optometrist to carry out some functions currently in secondary care sector. The knowledge and skills obtained allow a graduate to enter a career in all areas of optometry such as: Clinical Optometrist, Community Optometrist, and Optometrist in Retail Optical Stores, Education and Research, Consultant in Private Practice, Consultant in Tertiary Healthcare, Consultant in Business or Business Communication, Specialized Optometry Care, Optometrist in Military and Security Services.
Program Structure

In order to obtain the Bachelor of Optometry (Honours) from IIUM, a student must successfully complete 158 Credit Hours (CH) of course work consisting of the university, Kulliyyah and department requirements, as shown in Attachment A.

Duration of Study

The duration of studies will be a minimum of eight (8) semesters which is equivalent to four (4) years (normal duration) and a maximum of twelve (12) semesters which is equivalent to six (6) years (normal duration).

Student Affair

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