IIUM Flagship

IIUM Flagship

The IIUM Flagships are high-impact initiatives or projects with a set of planned and continuous activities that aim to support the University to develop Balanced Graduates and Balanced Staff, Values Creation, Sejahtera Society and Institutional Stability, as described in the IIUM Roadmap 2021-2022.

During the implementation of IIUM Roadmap 2019-2020, a total of 29 IIUM Flagships were established. Recognising the impacts of IIUM Flagships in contributing to the University agendas, under the Roadmap 2021-2022 the University will again look to IIUM Flagships as among the main initiatives to support the implementation of the Roadmap.

Under the IIUM Roadmap 2021-2022, 46 projects are recommended to be as IIUM Flagship 2.0 came from Kulliyyahs and Institutes, Centres and Offices, as well as from Mahallahs and students.

2LEAD4PEACE2 Capacity Building for Islam, Peace and Civilizational Development: Engaging Extremism, Terrorism and Conflict through Education for Sustainability

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Danial Mohd. Yusof

Community Humility Modules

Dr. Liza Abdullah

Ar-Rahmah Project: A Sejahtera Solution

Prof. Dr. Rahmah Ahmad H. Osman

The IIUM Flagship 2.0 monitoring mechanism involves three levels:

Project leader of the IIUM Flagship is required to report their project progress on quarterly basis. OSIC will prepare the progress analysis and presents IIUM Flagships progress at UMC Meeting and Board of Governors (BOG) Meeting on half-yearly basis.

For a continuous monitoring progress, each flagship is assigned to 7 Champions, the members of the University Management Committee (UMC) to spearhead the flagship implementation. OSIC has prepared the Google live spreadsheet for each flagship project that is accessible by the project leaders/ members of the flagship for progress reporting. Non-compliance of agreement and non-adherence to timelines may result in the decision by the UMC or BOG to suspend or terminate the projects (Refer to Item 12.0 of IIUM FLAGSHIP 2.0 GUIDELINES).

a) IIUM Flagship 2.0 Selection

The call for bidding was made by OSIC latest by in January 2021 through IIUM email announcement to allow IIUM community to submit project proposals to be considered as IIUM Flagships. Altogether 100 proposals were submitted to OSIC. Out of 100 proposals, 46 proposals were recommended as IIUM Flagships. IIUM Flagships 2.0 implementation period will be from January 2021 to December 2022.

b) IIUM Takrīm 2021 – Showcase of IIUM Flagship 2.0 Virtual Booth

 During the month of IIUM Takrīm 2021, all flagship projects were invited to showcase their works and activities via virtual booth platform at Using the platform, IIUM community and public are able to get more updates and information about the flagships by downloading the brochure provided in the booth.

c) IIUM Flagship 2.0 Special Session with Rector

A special session between project leaders and the IIUM rector has been organised in 3rd August 2021. This session is to instil and encourage flagship projects to continuously became the backbone for IIUM to support the implementation of the IIUM Roadmap. During the session, OSIC has presented the 1st monitoring progress of all flagship projects.


d) Special session with Finance

A special session with the IIUM Finance Unit was organised on 12th August 2021 for IIUM flagship 2.0 regarding on financial matters. This session managed to discussed several important matters raised by the Flagship Leader, including:

  • Financial matters related to flagship project account related to sponsorship, donation and special fund
  • Any particular procedures for a crowdfunding programme by flagship projects.
  • Matters arising by Project leaders/ Flagship's Treasurer in regards to flagship account and financial status.