IIUM Remedial Grievance Committee (Staff only)

IIUM Remedial Grievance Committee (Staff only)


The establishment of the IIUM Remedial Grievance System was notified to all IIUM STAFF through General Circular No. 1 Year 2001.  The University management realized on the crucial need to have a proper grievance system to manage the affairs between complainants and the University management in order to reduce, among others, the following factors:

a)   low quality and unsystematic complaint management.

b)   security and confidentiality of the complainants.

c)    undocumented guidelines on complaint procedure.

d)   unstandardised corrective actions.

e)   weak monitoring of follow up actions.

f)    manipulation of complaints by third parties to serve their own interest.

g)    ineffective implementation of the authorities’ power.

h)   cover up and bias acts by Heads of Department.

The RGC at all-time does not have the authority to make decision on all matters being complaint or imposing punishment onto the officer being complained. It is a platform to manage complaints of staff with regard to the conduct of the officer being complained, University’s administration and reconciliation



Frequency of Meeting

Twice a year or subject to complaint received


Task and Responsibility

The Remedial Grievance Committee (RGC) is authorized to:

a)    Conduct investigation on the officer/work process being complained.

b)   Conduct investigation on other officers witnessing or knowing about the misconduct.

c)    Access documents pertaining to the matters being complained.

d)   The RGC at all time does not have the authority to make decision on all matters being complaint or imposing punishment onto the officer being complained.


Principle of Complaint

All complaints MUST be based on the following principles:

a)    Awareness, responsibility and value of Al’Amanah with the intention to uphold the image and credibility of the 


b)   Sincerity and without prejudice, lies or personal interest.


Matters to be complained must be directly or indirectly related to the following rules and regulations:

a)    IIUM’s Staff Disciplinary Rules 2015

b)   IIUM’s Code of Ethics

c)    IIUM’s Dress Code

d)   IIUM’s Financial Policy and Procedures

e)    IIUM’s relevant Circulars and Circular Letters

f)     Any relevant circular and instruction produced by the KCDI

g)    All laws enforced in the country

h)   Other relevant policies, rules and regulations


Complaint on the following matters would NOT BE ENTERTAINED by the RGC;

a)    Any policies that have been decided and approved by the government.

b)   Matters related to policies.  However, matters related to implementation of the policies may be subject to complaint.

c)    Matters meant for personal benefit or lies that serve malevolent purposes character of the other person.

d)   all matters that relate to student affairs that include academic, welfare and financial matters unless otherwise determined by the University Management Committee of the University.


Should the complaints are found baseless or have malevolent purposes, the complainants are liable to disciplinary actions or other actions to be decided by the University Management Committee.


The complaint can be submitted by filling in the Grievance Form to:

IIUM Remedial Grievance Committee
Office of Ombudsman and Integrity
International Islamic University Malaysia
Jalan Gombak 53100 Kuala Lumpur


email to