1) Managing the Performance of the University Key Result Areas

  • Be responsible as a Project Management Coordinator to monitor the IIUM Strategic Plan achievements through yearly KRA projects.
  • Handle and monitor the implementation and performance of KRA projects/initiatives of the IIUM Strategic Plan through the implementation of Key Performance Indicators for the followings:
  1. Corporate Level.
  2. Kulliyyahs/Divisions/Centres/Institutes.
  3. Periodic achievements of KRA projects/initiatives of the Corporate Level to Majlis.
  • Evaluate and advise for any new high impact initiatives proposed by the University


2) Handling Ranking and Rating

  • Handle and manage data and information for ranking and rating, such as QS World University Ranking, MyRA, SETARA, Webometrics, etc.
  • Report the ranking and rating performance for University’s improvement.

1) Managing IIUM Strategic Plan

  • Conduct Scenario Planning  as a guide for strategic planning of the University (Best, Worst & Status Quo).
  • Facilitate, advise and consult the University on the provision of internal and external information that may impact the University.
  • Review the strategic plan as required and needed (at least every 3 years).
  • Monitor and control the implementation of the University’s key result areas and key performance indicators/tracking measures.

2) Managing Staff and Student Projection

  • Coordinate and cooperate with all K/C/D/Is in planning the staff and student projection.
  • Review and revisit student and staff projection as required and needed once a year.
  • Liaise and coordinate with Ministry of Education on student projection.


3) Acting as Institution Programme Management Office (iPMO) for the University

  • Act as iPMOfor the University and communicate with the ProgrammeManagement Office (PMO), Ministry of Education.
  • Coordinate and monitor the performance of the tracking measures of the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025 (Higher Education).

1) Managing MyMoHES

  • Coordinate all relevant data, i.e. student; research, development, commercialization & publications; human resources; finance and etc. with relevant K/C/D/Is.
  • Spearhead the coordination of the University data uploaded to MyMoHES- on time, complete and with quality.
  • Coordinate and responsible to furnish relevant data required by external parties.

2) Managing Big Data

  • Manage One Stop and Trusted Centre for effective and efficient alignment of data collection and integration.
  • Identify, recommend, coordinate, and facilitate the development and/or enhancement of systems to support University strategic data, information and knowledge in achieving the University’s vision and mission.
  • Provide “exception” and analysis reports and tools for possible improvements as well as for strategic and future scenario planning.

1) Managing University Risk Management

  • Coordinate the process of communicating, implementing, reviewing and improving of IIUM Risk Management Policy and Framework.
  • Manage and coordinate all related risk management processes and activities.
  • Facilitate and advise to external and internal stakeholders in the matters of risk management of the University.
  • Maintain, monitor and review the risk register which include the risk objectives, risk parameters, risk scopes and criteria of the University.

2) Managing Business Continuity Process

  • Coordinate the process of communicating, implementing, reviewing and improving of IIUM crisis management framework and business continuity plan.