My First Experience as a Volunteer at the Office of the Deputy Rector (Student Development & Community Engagement)

My First Experience as a Volunteer at the Office of the Deputy Rector (Student Development & Community Engagement)

Tarikh : 04 April 2019

Dilaporkan Oleh : Ahmad Izzuddin

Kategori : News


Sr. Siti Maryam Hafit

4th Year

Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge & Human Sciences

Friday, 8th March 2019 was my first official meeting and duty as Office of the Deputy Rector Student Development & Community Engagement (ODRSDCE) media team volunteer, IIUM Gombak. My duty began at eight in the morning and I met Brother ‘Izzuddin right away as I arrived there, since he was the officer in charge of the team. He started off with giving me a briefing on the work schedule, waqaf time card and job scope of my duty such as doing events write-ups, joining and engaging with any IIUM events and doing media coverage as well as updating ODRSDCE social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He also introduced me to all ODRSDCE staff and gave a quick tour around the office.

My first task was to look upon ODRSDCE social media sites (official website, Facebook and Twitter) and to give some thoughts or comments about it. I went through the contents and posts and looked thoroughly on the designs as well as the messages delivered. Generally, all the social websites were up-to-date and filled with the latest updates from ODRSDCE. They were all in great professionalism and well-organised. To top them with more captivating and eye-catching posts and contents, some enhancement could be made by adding more diverse pictures, more frequent updates on the Twitter and Facebook as well as wider coverage and recognition among IIUM students.

Other than that, I was given another task by Brother Khairul, which is to get some updates from Mahallah Uthman and Asiah’s hostel management regarding Students Disabilities facilities. What are among the facilities that were provided by the Mahallahs for students with disabilities, what can be improved and added for the betterment of the students so that their needs were catered and supervised, and some other matters related to it.

With that, it pretty sums up my first-day experience as an ODRSDCE media team volunteer. I was honoured and humbled by all the warm greetings and welcomes from the ODRSDCE staff. They were all very supportive and guide me all the way through the end of the session. I was also very grateful to ODRSDCE for giving me this precious opportunity to be a volunteer, to explore the unexplored field and being exposed to this priceless experience. May these all bring benefits to us as well to other people, Insya-Allah.