Tarikh : 18 April 2017

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The Office of Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Mosque is introducing iMasjid app which is developed byIIUM Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design (KAED).

Imasjid App is a mobile app (IMASJID : i-m-a-s-j-i-d) which can be assessed by all users who installed the app.

Among the main features of iMasjid app are:

  • Access to information on IIUM mosque's activities/lectures with daily reminders.
  • Get to know the exact prayer time from JAKIM and qiblah (Direction).
  • Popular ustaz's activities in Masjid or television.
  • Popular Asatizah’s (Celebrities)
  • "Your Masjid Gateway" #iMasjidMalaysia #iMasjidApp


The source or link of the website are:


Feel free to download this app and you are able to follow all.

Your participation and kind support to this App are highly appreciated and May AllahSubh?na-h? wa Tac?l? bless all of us and place reward of our good efforts in the Mizan al-Hasanat.