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On 18 April 2021, Biology department in collaboration with MEDCY has successfully initiated three concurrent online sessions of Motivational Talk entitled “Alumni Inspire: One Step Closer” for pre-Medical, pre-Dentistry and pre-Pharmacy students. The platforms that were used for the sessions were:

  • Zoom and You Tube: Pre-Medical
  • Google Meet and You Tube: Pre-Dentistry
  • Google Meet and You Tube: Pre-Pharmacy








This programme was aimed to inspire and motivate the students to study for excellence. Apart from that, it is to provide better understanding regarding the career path. It is beneficial to have an awareness of these motivational levels and orientations as it can provide valuable insights and explanations into qualitative aspects of how humans function including an individual’s desire to pursue a particular course of learning or profession such as Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. There are three imperative factors that boost morale and hence influence students in their career pathway for examples experiential factors, personal factors and also career interests.


Role models are essential to increase understanding of roles by others, to increase visible pathway and to motivate students by own learner experiences.

The three role models for the sharing sessions are CFS Medic, Dentistry and Pharmacy alumni:


  • Dr Mohd Aqlan Bin Zaki from Medic

He obtained Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (IIUM) (2015-2020) with CGPA: 4.0 Among the Awards and Honours that he has received:

  1. Best Overall Student for Final Professional Exam Award
  2. Best Student for Internal Medicine Posting Award
  3. Best Student for Psychiatry Posting Award
  4. Best Student for Paediatrics Posting Award; Best Student for Orthopaedics Posting Award


  • Bro Asrul Romdani Bin Bujang Saili (for Dentistry)

He is a a year 5 Dental student at IIUM Kuantan. His achievements include:

  1. Viva Distinction Pharmacology
  2. Best athelete award in IIUM Kuantan Sports Carnival 2017,2018 and 2019
  3. Finalist 7th Airlangga Dentistry Scientific Meeting 2020


  • Bro Mohd Nazrin Syafiq bin Khairi for Pharmacy

Currently he is a Director/Chief Operating Officer at SD ALLIANCE SDN. BHD. His responsibilities include overseeing overall management of operation, sales, pharmacists/ staffs training and human resources department of the company and its associated branches and licensees. Additional duties: maintaining brand awareness and preservation of BIRUNI.






The concept of motivation is to create deeper understanding and establish the relevance of studying and working in real life. It establishes the influence of motivation as an independent variable on dependent variables like study effort, study strategies, academic performance and well-being of students. Motivation determines thought and action and it influences why behaviour is initiated, persists and stops, as well as what choices are made. It is important for deep learning, good academic performance, positive learner well-being and satisfaction for the students.


Among the objectives of the talk are:


  • To boost enthusiasm for Medical, Dentistry and Pharmacy students in their 
  • To inspire all students to keep energized and motivated in achieving excellence                   
  • To instill positive vibes among students for achieving insan sejahtera
  • To revive the student’s passion to further their studies.

             relevant career pathway by the sharing experiences



Reported by,

Nazira binti Zubir

Senior Biology Lecturer/Secretary “Alumni Inspire: One Step Closer”  

Biology Department

Centre for Foundation Studies, IIUM