Student life

Student life

         For Undergraduates

In Kulliyyah of Science IIUM, we want you to discover and unleash your potential not just in academic life but also in co-curricular activities. 

By just having a degree certificate may not be enough to secure for a job but nowadays, employers are looking for fresh graduates with additional skills which can be obtained through co-curricular activities. 

For undergraduates, from the moment you arrive on campus you'll be automatically enrolled as an official SCIENCESS member. SCIENCESS (Science Students' Society) is the official society for undergraduate students which is supervised directly under Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs, Kulliyyah of Science. There are so many programs and activities organized by SCIENCESS every semesters including sports, arts, entrepreneurship, leadership, internationalization, educational trip, workshops and many more. For more information about SCIENCESS program, kindly follow their updates through their:

For Postgraduates

Life as a graduate students might be challenging sometimes. In Kulliyyah of Science, IIUM, we will try our best to cater the needs of postgraduate students especially those with family as well as our beloved international students. 

Similar to the undergraduates, from the moment you register as a PG student, you will be automatically enrolled as an official member of PGKOSS or Postgraduate Kulliyyah of Science Students' Society.

Since most of your time will be occupied with your lab works and thesis writing, PGKOSS is the best platform for you to get socialize with other PG members from different departments. There are so many activities run by throughout every semesters. Feel free to join their official facebook group at:


The PG prospectus may also be beneficial for you to refer before coming here. Feel free to have a look !

PG Prospectus 2018