Accommodation at IIUMK

Accommodation at IIUMK

For students on campus, at the moment, we have 2 colleges (Mahallah) for female and 1 college for male students hosting for both undergraduate (sharing basis) and postgraduate (single room) students. 

4 Person-Sharing Room

  • The room accommodates four students in a compartmentalized unit. Although the four students are sharing a common door to the unit, each student is actually has his own private space/compartment for the sake of privacy.
  • Each compartment is provided with a single bed, study table and chair, cupboard, bookshelf or bookrack
  • Rental rate for IIUM students is RM 5.50/day/person

Single Room

  • Specifically catered for postgraduate students who are considered matured and require more privacy
  • Undergraduate students may also apply if vacancies are available,
  • Rental rate for IIUM students is RM 11.00/day/person

 Among the common facilities provided are:-

-  Convenience shop

-  Cafeteria

-  Photocopy shop

-  Mahallah Activity Centre 2 (MAC 2)

-  TV Room

-  Recreational room

-  Basketball court

-  Coin operated Laundry

-  On campus shuttle bus services

-  Wireless Internet (WiFi)

Panoramic view of our building (KOS) on the left and the college on the right. Just a walking distance from your room to your class!

Female college (Mahallah) view from our academic building

Male college (Mahallah) entrance

Inner view of the room. Picture courtesy of wadi budi.

For more information regarding the college, you may contact the Mahallah office at the Student Service Department here