Weekly Tazkirah

Weekly Tazkirah

Tarikh Mula : 27 Nov 2019   Tarikh Tamat : 27 Nov 2019

Lokasi : Meeting Room 3 (Al Khalil Building)

Penganjur : CPDU


Assalamualaikum wrt. wbt.

To all CFS staff,

You are kindly invited to the Weekly Tazkirah by Ustaz Maad organised by CPDU. The tazkirah is going to discuss the Kitab of Al- Bahr AL- Ra’iq which focuses on how to strengthen ones’ attitude and how to purify ones’ belief.

The details of the tazkirah:

Time : 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Day: Every Wednesday
Venue: Meeting Room 3 (Al Khalil Building)

CTD point: 1 point for each session

Your presence is highly appreciated and let us pray to Allah SWT to accept this initiative as an ibadah.

Thank you.