Malay Medical Manuscript Transliteration Workshop

Malay Medical Manuscript Transliteration Workshop

Tarikh Mula : 01 Aug 2019   Tarikh Tamat : 02 Aug 2019

Lokasi : Seminar Room 1, DBMS, KAHS

Penganjur : Malay Medical Manuscripts as Sources of Health Information Flagship Research Unit


The Malay civilisation is one of the world’s oldest civilisations. Furthermore, science and technology have been a part and parcel of it. This has driven the Malay civilisation forward in the field of medicine, astronomy, mathematics and other disciplines. The coming of colonisation, however, has replaced local wisdom with science and technology brought from the West. As there are still a lot to be learnt from local wisdom in science and technology, there is a need in organising a workshop in ethnoscience of the Malays, targeting to empower science and technology researchers with awareness and knowledge of the Malay scientific knowledge.

Therefore, as part of the Sustainable Development Goal Flagship Project, KAHS is spearheading the flagship project entitled the “Malay Medical Manuscripts as Sources of Health Information”. The coming Malay medical manuscript transliteration workshop is aimed to provide a platform in gathering IIUM researchers to enlighten the knowledge on the Malay ethnoscience. Without support and further research on the Malay ethnoscience, we may face the consequences of losing tangible proofs of the achievements of the Malay civilisation.

The purpose of this workshop is to train academic and administrative staff at IIUM in:

(1)       Studying, reviewing and analysing Malay manuscripts; and

(2)       Increasing the awareness in the Malay ethnoscience as comparable to the contemporary science.


The skills to be acquired in the Workshop include:

(1)       The ability to read and study the old Malay (Jawi) language skills

(2)       The ability to review the science during the Malay Civilisation.


The workshop will be conducted in Malay.

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