Hero Kampung Competition

Hero Kampung Competition

Tarikh Mula : 01 Aug 2018   Tarikh Tamat : 07 Sep 2018

Lokasi : Kulliyyah of Engineeering, IIUM

Penganjur : Office of Student Affairs (KOE), Mahallah Ali and Mahallah Asiah



Involvement of university students in community service is vital for the positive and lasting effects it has on the community, the student and the university.

Amongst the benefits community service would bring to the student is inculcating on social and relationship skills, increased self-confidence, networking. This will eventually advance the student’s career. Above all community service makes life meaningful and interesting.

For all these reasons IIUM has strong belief that the Community Engagement is very important to be practised by all students and staff.

With the evolvement of Industry 4.0, jobs will change and consequently skills will be transforming as a result of new technologies. In their future of jobs report (2016), World Economic Forum highlighted the top 10 skills required by 2020 as shown in Figure 1.

Exposing the students to challenging activities during their university time is crucial for the development of their skills to prepare them for the future.

Figure 1: Top 10 skill required by 2020.


(Kampung Catalyst, Kampung Fixer, Hero Kampung) is a competition that helps students complement their academic university life with real life problems.

Every academic year, KOE students return to their home towns (Balik Kampung) for their long break. This competition aims at encouraging the students to identify a problem faced by their local community (Observation/discussion), gather information to have more insight on the addressed issue (Analysis) and to evaluate and propose several possible solutions to best address the problem (Problem Solving).



This competition is open for all active KOE undergraduate students.



  • Submission of entry proposal: Each participation shall submit a proposal that comprise of the following:
    • Background on the problem addressed
    • Impact of the problem on the local community
    • Describe the beneficiaries of the proposed solution
    • Describe the current available solutions.
    • Describe the proposed solution if new, or improvement on available solutions
  • PYP Video and presentation: Following panel of judges screening of submitted proposals, selected submissions are required to submit a pitch your product (PYP) 2 minutes video and PYP 2 min presentations in front of the panel of judges.


  • Submissions could be by individuals or groups of max five students.
  • Students from different programs  may be in one group
  • No staff is allowed to join any group
  • Decisions made by the panel of judges will be final and cannot be appealed.
  • Entry fee RM 5/Person



Registration Deadline                             12th June 2018

Submission of Entry Proposal                  1st August 2018

Notification of panel decisions               15th August 2018

Submission of PYP Video                         30th  August 2018

Final PYP Presentation                            7th September 2018


1. Intention to participate

2. Submission of Proposal

3.  Submission of Video

Organized by
Office of Student Affairs, KOE
Enginius XVII
Mahallah Ali
Mahallah Asiah