FAQ for Students

FAQ for Students

Q:  When will Cocu classes starts for long semester, i.e. semester 1 and semester 2?

A:  Cocu classes will start on 3 week of the long semester.


 Q:  Where can I get my Lecturer/Trainer/Instructor/Facilitator (LTIF) contact information?

A:  LTIF’s contact information will be available in the ANNOUNCEMENT section in Credited Cocu website and ANNOUNCEMENT in the i-Ma’luum. 


 Q:  Can I submit manual registration during online registration period?

A:  No.


 Q:  What if the section is closed/full during online registration?

A:  Please reserve the subject via i-Ma'luum.


 Q:  Any assurance that I will be registered for the subject that I have reserved or requested manually?

A:  No as it is subject to availability of sections.


 Q:  Can I register 2 Usrah Budi / Usrah courses or 2 cocu courses in a semester?

A:  Only if you are in your graduating semester.


 Q:  How do I register 2 subjects in a semester?

A:  You have to register one subject online and the other subject through manual registration using UG01 form available at Credited Cocu website or AMAD website.


 Q:  Where and when can I submit my manual registration form?

A:  You can submit the form to


 Q:  I have submitted my manual registration to during the online registration period.  When will it be processed?

A:  STADD will prioritize applications reserved via the system first and then the manual form.  Students at Level 4 or final year will be given priority to assist him/her for fulfilling graduating requirement.


 Q:  I have outstanding tuition fee balance.  Can I register subjects?

A:  If the system has block you from subject registration, you have to liaise with Finance Division to lift up the system block.  Once lifted, student has to pre-register the subject or notify STADD for registration.


 Q:  What will happen if I fail to register either Usrah or CoCu subjects? 

A:  You may try to register the subject next semester.  However, if you are in your final semester, then you will have to submit UG01 form downloadable from Credited Cocu website or from AMAD’s website and justify remarks in the form that you are graduating student.