Student Feeback Survey (SFS)

Student Feeback Survey (SFS)

IIUM Student Feedback Survey (SFS)


The SFS is a platform for students to give feedback on lecturers, courses, University's facilities and Kulliyyahs. The SFS replaces the previous Teaching Efficiency Rating (TER) system. The SFS has four (4) parts:

  • Part A: Lecturer
    •  students give feedback on the lecturer
  • Part B: Student

There are two evaluation scales used for the survey. There are: 1.     4 Star Rating (Part A & B)

Description Scale
Strongly Disagree          1
Disagree  2
Agree          3
Strongly Agree          4




  • The SFS is conducted two (2) times in every semester except for the short semester where it is conducted only once. The first run will be conducted in week 7 of the semester, while the second run will be conducted starting from week 11.
  • At the end of the first run of the SFS (week 7), lecturers will be able to view their own SFS score for each class that they are teaching. This score will not be counted as the final score.



For support & assisstance you may contact:



 Then you need to update your account first. To do so:

Option 1:

1.     Click this link

2.     ***a popup window will appear (make sure the popup blocker is disable on your browser)

3.     select IIUM Staff or UG/PG student or CFS student

4.     enter your id & password

5.     click 'Check' (please wait until it's done)

6.     click 'Active' or 'Update' (whichever is highlighted)

7.     ***then you can go back to the SFS (http://sfs.iium.edu.my) and you should be able to login.

Option 2:

1.     go to myIIUM portal (http://my.iium.edu.my)

2.     activate your account (click on the maroon box with text "login problem?, ACTIVATE your account...")

3.     ***a popup window will appear

4.     select IIUM Staff or UG/PG student or CFS student

5.     enter your id & password

6.     click 'Check' (please wait until it's done)

7.     click 'Active' or 'Update' (whichever is highlighted)

8.     ***then you can go back to the SFS (http://sfs.iium.edu.my) and you should be able to login. 


SFS Policies :- -Download Here-