Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy Practice


In early academic years, the Department introduces students to various hospital services, development and use of Hospital Formulary, policies, laws and regulations pertaining to the use of materials or drugs in health care, the processes and requirements of prescribing, packaging, determining of expiry dates and dispensing with the use of different types of labels.

As the students advance in their study, they are expected to understand the clinical pharmacokinetic aspects of drugs and their relationship to patient’s treatment, the various factors that determine the choice of drugs for particular patients.

Students will be exposed to practical aspects of pharmacy with regards to patient care and drug therapy in wards, the opportunity to observe and participate in ward rounds, taking medical history from patients, analysis of symptoms, managing and interpreting simple diagnostic tests such as blood glucose, pregnancy test, other laboratory results pertaining to the patients’ condition and the opportunity to put into practice their knowledge in clinical pharmacy and therapeutics.

Students are also expected to understand relevant administration and management concepts and issues relevant to pharmacy administration and management.


The Pharmacy Practice Department aims to train pharmacists that can work in various pharmacy services in hospitals and community pharmacies.


The Pharmacy Practice Department conducts courses with Islamic perspective in line with the philosophy of IIUM and the objectives of the Kulliyyah to produce competent pharmacists imbued with Islamic values when conducting their professional duties.


Assistant Professor Dr. Norny Syafinaz Abdul Rahman
Department of Pharmacy Practice, 
Level 5, Kulliyyah of Pharmacy,
International Islamic University Malaysia
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
Bandar Indera Mahkota,
25200 Kuantan, Pahang
Email: norny@iium.edu.my
Tel: +609-570-4891


Administrative Assistant

Sr. Nur Fitrah Ahmad Tarmizi
Department of Pharmacy Practice  
Email: fitrahtarmizi@iium.edu.my 
Tel: +609-570-4892

Senior Science Officer
Sr. Nurul Hidayah Abdullah
Department of Pharmacy Practice 
Email: nurulhidayah@iium.edu.my 
Tel: +609-570-4893

Assistant Science Officer
Br. Ariff Fadzilah Khalif
Department of Pharmacy Practice 
Email: kafka@iium.edu.my
Tel: +609-570-3130

Sr. Wan Zuhaira Amirah Wan Amran
Department of Pharmacy Practice 
Email: zuhaira@iium.edu.my
Tel: +609-570-4895

Associate Professor Dr. Che Suraya Hj. Mohd. Zin
Department of Pharmacy Practice   
Email: chesuraya@iium.edu.my  
Tel: +609-570-4909/4801 
Research Interest: Big data/large healthcare database study, stata, pharmacoepidemiology, opioids in non-cancer pain, neuropathic pain and clinical trials

Associate Professor Dr. Mohamad Haniki Nik Mohamed
Department of Pharmacy Practice
Email: haniki@iium.edu.my 
Tel: +609-570-4903 
Research Interest: Tobacco control, smoking cessation

Assistant Professor Dr. Norny Syafinaz Ab. Rahman
Department of Pharmacy Practice
Email: norny@iium.edu.my  
Tel: +609-570-4891/4910 
Research Interest: Tobacco control, drug utilisation, pharmacy education, clinical pharmacy

Assistant Professor Dr. Abdulkareem Mohammed Ahmed Al-Shami
Department of Pharmacy Practice
Email: kareem@iium.edu.my
Tel: +609-570-3117 
Research Interest: Pharmacoeconomics, cost studies,  pharmaciepidemiology, drug financing, health economic evaluations, drug utlisation studies, social pharmacy, pharmacy practice

Assistant Professor Dr. Nor Ilyani Mohamed Nazar
Department of Pharmacy Practice
Email: norilyani@iium.edu.my
Tel: +609-570-4803 
Research Interest: Clinical pharmacy, addiction medicine, pharmacy education, drug utilisation

Assistant Professor Dr. Siti Hadijah Shamsudin
Department of Pharmacy Practice 
Email: shadijah@iium.edu.my
Tel: +609-570-4908
Research Interest: GGM, DUNAS, pharmacy ethics, quality use of medicine, home medication review, halal pharmacy, pharmacy management & marketing, regulatory pharmacy

Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Eid Akkawi 
Department of Pharmacy Practice
Email: mhdeidak@iium.edu.my
Tel: +609-570-3118  
Research Interest: Geriatric pharmacotherapy,  therapeutic drug monitoring, drug safety

Assistant Professor Dr. Mohamed Hassan Abdelaziz Elnaem 
Department of Pharmacy Practice 
Email: drmelnaem@iium.edu.my 
Tel: +609-570-3122  
Research Interest: Quality use of medicines (cardiovascular, diabetes and antimicrobial medications), prescribing-improvement and pharmacist-led interventions, pharmacy education (experiential learning)

Assistant Professor Dr. Nor Hidayah Mohd. Taufek 
Department of Pharmacy Practice 
Email: hidayahtaufek@iium.edu.my 
Tel: +609-570-3116  
Research Interest: Drug utilisation, addiction medicine, pharmacy education, human milk research

Assistant Professor Dr. Abdul Rahman Fata Nahas 
Department of Pharmacy Practice
Email: abd_mfn@iium.edu.my 
Tel: +609-570-3121  
Research Interest: Renal pharmacy, psychiatric pharmacy, mental health (depression, anxiety and stress), regression analysis, questionnaire development and validation 

Assistant Professor Dr. Tengku Karmila Tengku Mohd. Kamil
Department of Pharmacy Practice 
Email: karmila@iium.edu.my 
Tel: +609-570-4914
Research Interest: 

Sr. Syafiqah Nadiah Hilmi (Lecturer) -Study Leave
Department of Pharmacy Practice 
Email: syafiqah@iium.edu.my 
Tel: +609-570-4905  
Research Interest: Pharmacy practice, community pharmacy, innovation study, qualitative study

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