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Centre for Languages and Pre-University Academic Development (CELPAD) International Islamic University Malaysia Jalan Gombak, 53100 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone Numbers:

  • Office of The Director 03-6421 4902/4917 (general line)
  • Office of The Deputy Director 03-6421 4907/4911
  • Office of The Heads of The Division:
    • English Language Division 03-6421 4909
    • Quranic Language Division 03-6421 4905
    • Tilawah Division 03-6421 4936
    • Bahasa Melayu Division 03-6421 4920
  • TEMU Office (EPT/ APT/ TPT) 03-6421 4918
  • Fax: 03-6421 4865

Email Address:

  • General email: celpad@iium.edu.my
  • TEMU office (Placement test-EPT/APT/TPT): temu@iium.edu.my
  • English Language Division: eldcelpad@iium.edu.my
  • Quranic Language Division: qld_celpad@iium.edu.my
  • Tilawah Division: tilawahcelpad@iium.edu.my
  • Bahasa Melayu Division: dbm@iium.edu.my

Mailing Address:

Centre for Languages and Pre-University Academic Development (CELPAD) International Islamic University Malaysia P.O. Box 10 50728 Kuala Lumpur.

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TEMU Unit (Placement Tests)


EPT/APT/TPT FOR PUBLIC (Click here for details)
EPT/APT for Public - Session 2022/2023 (Click here for details)

TPT Schedule - Sem 1, 2022/2023 (Click here for details)


To ensure students are placed in the appropriate language course, CELPAD administers four tests: 

  • English Proficiency Test (EPT)
  • Arabic Proficiency Test (APT)
  • Tilawah Placement Test (TPT)
  • Malay Proficiency Test (MPT)
  • Bahasa Melayu Placement Test (BMPT). BMPT is administered upon request.


The English Proficiency Test is used for student placement in the English language programmes. It comprises of Reading (Paper 1) and Writing (Paper 2).  Students who do not achieve the minimum basic score as required by their Kulliyyah will be placed in the appropriate level of the English language programmes. Students who achieve the minimum basic score in EPT as required by their Kulliyyah will be exempted from the English Language programmes.

Learn More About EPT

EPT Guidelines and Sample 

Reading & Writing Sample Questions

Introduction to EPT Task 1: Data Analysis

Introduction to EPT Task 2: Essay Writing

Arabic Proficiency Test (APT)

The Arabic Proficiency Test (APT) is designed to ensure proper placement for students in Quranic Language levels. It applies to all undergraduate students regardless of specialization, and to postgraduate students who intends to major in programmes with Arabic Language as the medium of instruction. Students who achieve the minimum basic score as required by their respective Kulliyyahs will be exempted from Quranic Language courses. Students who do not achieve the minimum basic score will be placed in the appropriate levels of Quranic Language (LQAD XXXX) in CELPAD as these courses are Kulliyyah requirement for Arabic medium programs & graduation requirement for English medium programs.

Please click here for more information: 


The Centre for Languages & Pre-University Development conducts the TPT every semester to a group of new intake IIUM students. All new students (English medium) are required to sit for TPT to determine their ability in reciting al-Quran. Students will be evaluated based on their ability in reciting the Quran in terms of fluency and correctness. From here, we can facilitate the process of placing the students at their respective levels.  

It is compulsory for students to sit for TPT in their first year upon embarking on their undergraduate programme and then enrol in the Tilawah courses within the second year of study. However, students who miss their chance to sit for TPT and be enrolled in the course during the stipulated period can register for TPT for Public.

For IRK/ BARB students starting with matric no. 191XXXX onwards, they must also sit for TPT and pass both TQ 1001 and TQ 2001 or be exempted from the courses before registering in their Advanced Tilawah Courses (TQ 3001 and TQ 3002) which are their Kulliyyah Required Courses.

Please click here for more information:

Rules & Regulations (TPT for new intake)

Sample Questions

Tilawah Levels' Description


Malay Proficiency Test (MPT)

The Malay Proficiency Test (MPT) is a test to determine whether a student has reached a certain minimum proficiency in Malay. It is offered to any students whether international or Malaysian who are without the SPM/STPM or any other professional certifications in Bahasa Melayu for the purpose of exemption from the Unicore Bahasa Melayu courses. The test will be conducted by request. The interested students will have to request for the MPT before sitting for the test by registering in the link provided.  Please refer to the CELPAD website for dates and the link for registration of the MPT.  International and Malaysian students who do not have any basic in Malay are advised not to sit for the MPT and directly enroll in the Bahasa Melayu UniCore courses as suggested in the Study Plan.


This is a platform or alternative for those students or individuals who need to achieve the University language requirement for the purpose of graduation requirements, University enrollment requirement as well as for staff contract renewal.


Official email: temu@iium.edu.my

Phone no (TEMU's office): 03-6421 4918


  • EPT Coordinator: asmeza@iium.edu.my (Mdm Asmeza Arjan)
  • APT Coordinator: norasma@iium.edu.my (ustzh Norasmazura Muhammad)
  • TPT Coordinator: nikmuhammad@iium.edu.my (Ustz Nik Muhammad Nik Man)
  • MPT Coordinator: mohdfauzan@iium.edu.my (Bro. Mohd Fauzan Bin Mat Jam Jam)