Picture Collection

Picture Collection

Date        Programme

22nd December 2017       

56th Islamic Banking and Finance Discussion Series

16th December 2017       

IIiBF FinTech for Islamic Finance BootCamp Held

15th December 2017       

IIiBF-MTA Guest Speaker Series 2017/2018: The Liberalisation of General Insurance and Takaful in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges

8th December 2017       

The Ringgit Bond and Sukuk Market - Theory vs Reality: Exploitation of Information for Maximum Gain

10 November 2017        IIiBF Graduation & Appreciation Gathering 2017

3 November 2017        Waqf Real Estate: What Works for Impact Investing and Value Creatio

1 November 2017        Special Talk By Dr. Hamed Merah

29 September 2017        How to Complete Your PhD : The Do's and Don'ts

15 September 2017        A Workshop On External Audit of Islamic Financial Institutions

4 September 2017        IIiBf Students Society - Eid ul Adha Celebration

15 August 2017        Visit from Islamic University Of Mohamad Bin Ali Al Sanussi, Libya

11 August 2017        2nd International Guest Speaker Series 2017

21 July 2017        IIiBF Syawwal Gathering 2017

2 June 2017        Iftar By Students' Society

Date        Programme

22nd Nov 2018        59th Islamic Banking and Finance Discussion Series

11th Nov 2018        Congrat. to CIBF Graduates of 2018

9th Nov 2018        Congrat. to IIiBF Graduates of 2018

9th Oct 2018       

58th Islamic Banking and Finance Discussion Series

3rd Sept 2018        Briefing & Ta'aruf Sem 1, 2018/2019

5th Feb 2018        Briefing & Ta'aruf Sem 2, 2017/2018

23rd- 24thJan 2018        iTa'Leem Workshop


Date        Programme

12nd Dec 2019        Prof.Dr. Abdul Rahim : Issues of Qualitative Research in Islamic Finance
26th Nov 2019        CIBF & CSTP : Graduation & Appreciation Gathering
25th Nov 2019        IIiBF Convocation ( with short video )
30th Oct 2019        Special Talk "Maqasid Shari'ah and Its Roles in the Islamic Financing Products" (in Arabic) - Shaykh Prof. Dr. Ali Muhyi al-Din Ali al-Qaradaghi
11st Oct 2019        Special Talk "General Takaful Industry in Malasia" - Mr Nur Amin Nurazmi
3rd Sept 2019        Briefing & Ta'aruf for Sem I 2019/2020
26th July 2019        Special Talk "A Resurgent East Asia: Navigating a Changing World" - Dr. Andrew Mason
16th July 2019        Special Talk "Educational Approaches Through Divine Messages" (Arabic) - Prof. Dr. Sheikh Issa bin Abdullah bin Manan al-Humiri

29-30 April 2019        Ph.D Colloquium
25th April 2019        Special Talk "Cryptocurrencies: Shari'ah Perspective" - Shaykh Nizam Yaquby
19rd April 2019        63rd Islamic Banking and Finance Discussion Series
18th April 2019        IAP CHAT & CHEW: Understanding Investment Account & Islamic Finance

5th April 2019        Tawarruq Product in Islamic Banking: The Operational Challenges

23 & 24 March 2019        Qualitative Research Clinic

22nd March 2019        Special Talk "Islamic Wealth Management : The Practice of Private Banking in Malaysia"

15th March 2019        62nd Islamic Banking and Finance Discussion Series

15th Feb 2019        61st Islamic Banking and Finance Discussion Series

30th Jan 2019       Briefing & Ta'aruf for Sem II 2018/2019