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Staff Benefits & Welfare


New Staff

  • Air Ticket for Staff & Spouse
  • Cash advancement for newly arrived international staff up to RM1,500.00, payable  through monthly installments

IIUM Nursery / Montessori

  • On-campus (Gombak)

Educational Allowance for International Staff 

  •  The IIUM will pay the basic fees comprising of registration of tuition fees for one (1) child only at primary one level, up to secondary level (A level) at the International Islamic School (IIS)

Educational Privilege for staff studying at the IIUM

  • Educational Privilege for spouse and children of staff studying in IIUM • Discount up to 75% of Malaysian rate

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) 

  • 11% - employee’s contribution 
  • 12% - employer’s contribution (Salary above RM5,000.00)
  • 13% - employer’s contribution (Salary below RM5,000.00)

Retirement Benefit Fund (RBF) 

  • A staff will automatically be eligible for RBF after having served the University for one year on permanent basis.

New Retirement Benefit Fund (NRBF)

  • Effective 1 January, 2012, all permanent staff are eligible for additional fund (NRBF)


  • Statutory deduction for all employees (Malaysian only)
  • Employees contribution is to fund the ‘Invalidity Pension Scheme’ – 24 hours coverage (Contribution will stop by the age of 60 years old)
  • Employer’s contribution is to fund the ‘Employment Injury Scheme’ – coverage is limited to work related incidents (contribution will continue until the last day of work, regardless of age)

Scholarship / Loan for staff to further studies

  • Scholarship for academic staff to further studies in Masters degree and Phd 
  • Scholarship for professional and administrative staff to further studies (post graduate) • Interest free Study Loan up to RM10,000.00 for staff in support group


  • Annual leave
  • Medical Leave
  • Half pay leave
  • Unpaid leave
  • Hajj Leave
  • Umrah Leave
  • Unrecorded Leave
  • Substitutional Leave
  • Quarantine Leave


  • Quality Day 
  • Staff Appreciation Ceremony (long service and retiree award)

End of contract benefits 

  • Gratuity
  • Air-Tickets for staff and spouse

Death compensation / assistance 

  • Funeral expense of RM3,000.00 under the MRS scheme 
  • Funeral assistance of RM1,500.00 under SOCSO scheme
  • Funeral assistance of RM2,500.00 under EPF scheme
  • Death benefit up to RM2,000.00 under Group Hospitalization Insurance and Surgery Scheme
  • Golden Handshake
  • Free medical treatment for spouse for life
  • Derivative pension under SOCSO scheme
  • Group Personal Accident Insurance (for those not covered by SOCSO)
  • Staff Khairat Fund (voluntary basis)


  • Trainings
  • Ibadah Camp
  • On-campus housing for essential staff
  • IIUM Hajj Programme
  • Uniforms for Security Guards, Nurses, Drivers, Junior General Assistant.


Medical Treatment Reimbursement

  • Panel Clinics (RM45.00 per visit or 30% reimbursement)
  • Free treatment at government hospitals according to eligibility
  • Subsidy for coverage up to RM15,000 per year for private hospital treatment (through Group Hospitalization and Surgery Scheme)
  • Maternity packages up to RM2,300.00 per package (max. 5 packages)
  • Dental treatments
  • Subsidy up to RM150.00 for Breast Screening
  • Subsidy up to RM100.00 for circumcisions and immunizations

Health Screening

  • The University provides subsidy of RM300.00 per staff for thorough health screening programme. The subsidy amount is to be reimbursed to the eligible staff members only. 
  • Reimbursement shall be made through IIUM Health Centre, subject to the availability of budget.

Breast Screening Program 

  • The University has agreed to subsidize the Breast Screening Program at the rate of    RM100.00 for mammography alone and RM150.00 for both (mammogram and ultra sound) for IIUM female staff.
  • The staff can apply for reimbursement from the IIUM Health Centre at the rate of RM150.00 only.



Group Personal Accident Takaful

  • The University shall pay the premium for Group Personal Accident (GPA) Takaful for all International staff.  The GPA covers accidental death or bodily injury caused solely by violent external and visible means or loss resulting directly and independently for all other causes from bodily injuries caused by an accident. 

Funeral Contribution

  • All permanent and contract staff (if contribution is mentioned in the offer letter) are eligible for the funeral contribution.
  • The maximum amount of contribution is RM3,000.00 if the funeral cost is borne   by the family of the deceased.
  • If the funeral is arranged by the University, the management cost shall be deducted accordingly from the said amount.
  • Staff who contributed to SOCSO and EPF is also eligible for funeral assistance based on the amount as determined by both organisations.
  • Staff who is registered as a member of the Staff Khairat Fund will receive financial assistance amounting to RM1,000.00.

Educational Privilege for Staff and Dependents studying at IIUM

  • Educational privilege is the support provided by the University on education fees for staff and their dependants who are studying at IIUM.
  •  All staff and dependants who are studying at IIUM are eligible for discounted rate according to income range and subject to specified terms and conditions.

Air Passage for Contract Staff

Academic Staff (on contract appointment) recruited from overseas may be given the air passage privileges as per specified in their terms and conditions of service.  


The university provides the following financing to its staff:-

Housing Financing

This financing is only applicable for permanent staff. The staff must have been confirmed in service except those academic staff pursuing their Ph.D.  The University subsidizes the term charges imposed by the financial institutions over and above the rate of 4% for amount up to a maximum eligibility.

Motor Vehicle Financing (Cars and Motorcycles)

Eligibility criteria

  • Permanent and contract staff
  • Has served IIUM more than one (1) year
  • Minimum basic pay is RM1, 620.00 per month (for car financing only)
  • Two (2) guarantors are required (for motorcycle financing) 

Computer Financing

Eligibility criteria

  • Permanent and contract staff only
  • Has served the University for at least 6 months
  • Financing amount up to RM 5,000.00 for the purchase price of the computer gadgets and its peripherals or smartphones whichever is lower.

Cash Advancement

Newly arrived international staff may apply for an advance of RM1,500.00 from the Recruitment Unit of MSD. 

(For details, please visit the Finance Division website or please contact the Finance Division)


Staff members who are appointed on permanent basis, have  been confirmed in service and have served the University for not less than 10 years are eligible for the post retirement benefits as follows:  

Service Gratuity

  • Service gratuity is a benefit provided to IIUM permanent staff members who retire after the age of 50 years and have served the University for at least 10 years continuously. The gratuity is given in a lump sum amount.

Leave cash compensation / Golden Handshake

  • Staff appointed on permanent basis is eligible for golden handshake (GHS), i.e. cash award as compensation for the accumulated unutilised annual leave) upon retirement. 

Post Retirement Medical Benefit 

  • Free outpatient Medical treatment in IIUM Health and Wellness Centre
  • Free Inpatient medical treatment at any government hospitals in Malaysia and IIUM Medical Centre for life (including spouse).


For permanent and contract staff, the legal representative is eligible for the following benefits:

  • Funeral Assistance amounting to RM3,000.00
  • If the deceased staff contributed to SOCSO, the legal representative can claim for funeral assistance amounting to RM1,500 from SOCSO
  • If the deceased staff contributed to EPF, the legal representative can claim for funeral assistance amounting to RM2,500 from EPF


IIUM Khairat Fund (SKF)

IIUM Khairat Fund (SKF) is a fund that is contributed voluntarily by the staff and the minimum amount is RM2.00 per month.

The fund is managed by the Employee Benefits and HR Relations Unit, Management Services Division.


  • All registered staffs who have signed the application form giving consent on the monthly salary deduction.
  • Each SKF member may apply for the benefit from the fund for more than once.
  • Application shall be made within 1 year from the date of the event/ incident.
  • New SKF member will only be eligible for assistance (benefits) after 2 months of contributions.

Link to SKF Benefits

Link to SKF Form

Staff Union and Associations

  • Academic Staff Association (ASA) – academic staff
  • Professional and Management Association (PMA)
  • Kesatuan Kakitangan Am (KURNIA) – support group
  • Kesatuan Kakitangan Sokongan 1 (KESATU)

Business Across Border

  • Annual programme starting year 2013
  • To provide opportunity for selected staff of IIUM to acquire alternative source of income upon retirement through business activities
  • To instill entrepreneurship mindset among selected staff of IIUM
  • To appreciate staff who has been loyal in serving IIUM for 30 years and more
  • To strengthen ukhuwwah among selected participants and establish their networking with entrepreneurs for business purposes after retirement