BULK SUBMISSION (Undergraduate)

BULK SUBMISSION (Undergraduate)


1. Each proposal must be included together with the following in one (1) file- recommended in PDF:

  • CV of Principal Investigator
  • Study Protocol (must include version and date)
  • proformae, case report forms, questionnaires, follow - up cards, etc.(must include version and date)
  • Informed Consent for Qualitative Study (Information Sheet & Consent Form) Template Link: Resources (must include version and date)-for study which require direct interaction with human subject.
  • Any Additional Document

2. Each proposal title must be labeled with number as on the list given. e.g  1.

3. All proposal must be archived in Zip, Rar, 7zip or other which is compatible. How to link : winzip, winrar, 7zip or windows

4. All the submitted application will be brisk assessed by IREC Secretariat. Any high risk study will be filtered and required to apply through IREC normal Application form.

5. IREC approval for Undergraduate study only entitled for one (1) off approval of one (1) year period.

6. IREC approval only cover on the ethical part of any study and do not serve any authority over the study site. Please refer to KPM, JAKOA or other related government agency requirement on permission to conduct research.