Lect./ T/ Instr./ Faci (LTIF)

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Centre for Credited Co-Curricula (CCC), 

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International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), 

Level 2, Muhammad Abdul-Rauf (MAR) Building, 

Jalan Gombak, 53100 WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Academic Affairs Unit (AAU)
ext : 3654 / 3644 / 5475 

Recruitment & Student Activity Unit (RESA)
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Lect./ T/ Instr./ Faci (LTIF)


For Family Management and Parenting Package: 

1. Minimum of 25 years old and not exceeding 65 years old. 
2.Preferably holding a PhD degree or at least a master’s degree in the relevant fields from a recognized institution. 
3.Having sufficient experience in Parenting and Family Management or other related fields. 
4.Must be married. 
5.IIUM Academic staff or administrative staff holding a senior position may apply for the position. 
6.International candidate who has stayed in Malaysia for at least 2 years. 
7.The Director of STADD may consider direct recommendation of appointment. 
8.Competent, qualified, and able to teach the subject assigned. 
9.Proficient in English Language and able to communicate effectively. 
10. IIUM staff must obtained approval from Head of Department. 

For Leadershiand Management Package: 

1.Minimum 25 years old and not exceeding 65 years old. 
2.Minimum a bachelor’s degree in the relevant fields from a recognized institution. 
3.IIUM Administrative Staff holding grade 41 and above or possess 5 years’ experience in Leadership and Management. 
4.International candidate who has stayed in Malaysia for at least 2 years and having at least years’ experience in related fields .
5.Competent, qualifies and able to teach the subject assigned. 
6.Proficient in English language and able to communicate effectively. 
7.IIUM staff must obtained approval from Head of Department. 
8.  Postgraduate candidate should seek approval from Supervisor and not in the stage of Data Collection. 

For Skills Package: 

1.  Minimum of 25 years old and not exceeding 65 years old. In cases of trainers appointed above 65 years of age for skills courses or in demand packages, it is subject to the approval of the Director of STADD. 
2.Minimum SPM certificate or equivalent. 
3.Relevant skills certification from recognized institution. 
4.Competent, qualified, and able to teach the subject assigned. 
5.At least 2 years’ experience in related fields. 
6.Proficient in English Language and able to communicate effectively. 
7.IIUM staff must obtained approval from Head of Department. 

For Usrah Budi Package: 

1.  Minimum 1st year 2nd semester undergraduate students or postgraduate students with experience as faciIitator/ naqib. 
2.Completed Usrah Budi 2 (for undergraduate candidate). 
3.Able to recite Al-Quran with good Tajwid. 
4.Minimum CGPA 2.5 
5.Proficient in English Language and able to communicate effectively. 
6.Portrays good attitude and an exemplary to others.

The above stipulated recruitment policy is not applicable to the following package, i.e:

1.  SUKSIS — Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) 
2.ROTU Army and ROTU Airforce — Malaysia Armed Forces (ATM) 
3.SISPA — Malaysia Civil Defense Department (APM) 
4.Silat Cekak Malaysia — Persatuan Silat Cekak Malaysia
5.Malaysian Sign Language — Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD) 
6.Horse Riding — Rubinga Heritage 
7.Information Literacy — IIUM Library 
8.Debate related subjects, Presentation Skill & Critical Thinking and Public Speaking& Contemporary Issues — IIUM World Debate and Oratory Centre (IWON) 
9.Basic Counseling Skills- Counseling and Career Services Centre (CCSC), IIUM

Dear Sir/Madam,

Assalamualaikum WBT,

We are looking for talented individual to conduct teaching sessions for our Credited Co-Curriculum Courses.  The  candidate should hold the recognized qualification in the respective field.

Teaching experience would be an essential qualification.

Good command in English is essential.

The requirements and criteria as per attached, you may click the link provided.

Criteria of Applicant

Interested candidates may apply and fill up the provided form:- 

STADD Application Form for Part Time LTIF (Lecturer/Trainer/Instructor/Facilitator)

Kindly submit all documents through this google form link:-

Submission of Application Form

Thank you. Wassalam.


Salam and greetings from CCD, STADD.

We are looking for talented individual to conduct a teaching sessions for Usrah courses offered by Credited Co-Curricular Department.

Students who fulfill the following criteria are welcome to apply.

1) Minimum CGPA 2.85 
2) Minimum 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year Undergraduate students or Postgraduate 1st year students with experience  as facilitator/ naqib/naqibah.
3) Completed Usrah 2 CCUB 1062 (for undergraduate candidate either in CFS or Gombak Campus). 
4) Able to recite Al-Quran with good Tajwid. 
5) Portray good attitude and an exemplary to others.
6) Proficiency in English Language and ability to communicate effectively.
7) Gone through Islamic background (Maahad, STAM) would be advantage. Alumni from Darul Quran etc. are encouraged.

Honorarium: RM 350.00 per semester. (7 classes * 2 hours per semester) 

Click here for application form
STADD Application Form for Part Time LTIF (Lecturer/Trainer/Instructor/Facilitator)

Kindly submit all documents through this Microsoft Form link
Submission of Application Form

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Kindly check your email in Microsoft Outlook for your application progress.

Thank you.

Best regards,

1.CCLM  Leadership and Management
2.CCFM  Family Management
3.CCUB  Usrah


  Basic Counseling
3.CCCS  Cooking 
4.CCSM  Event Management
5.CCFA  First Aid
6.CCFC  Football
7.CCSL  Malaysian Sign Language
8.CCMG  Mosque Management
9.CCPS  Photography
10.CCRN  Recreation
11.CCSS  Sewing 
12.CCSB/SS  Swimming 
13.CCBN  Badminton
14.CCDS  Presentation & Critical Thinking
15.CCDS  Public Speaking & Contemporary Issues
16.CCKG  Percussion Instruments
17.CCKS  Khat
18.CCMK  Karate
19.CCMT  Tae Kwan Do
20.CCNC  Netball
21.CCST  Sepak Takraw
22.CCTC  Tennis 
23.CCVL  Volleyball
24.CCTH  Tahfiz

Niche Skills
1.CCAN  Archery 1-4 
2.CCCN  Silat Cekak 1-4
3.CCDN  English Debate 1-4 
4.CCEN  Entrepreneurship 1-4 
5.CCGN  Gamelan 1-4
6.CCKN  Khat 1-4

Uniform Bodies
2.CCZU  ROTU Air Force