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Credited Co-Curricular Department (CCD), 

Student Affairs and Development Division (STADD), 

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), 

Level 2, Muhammad Abdul-Rauf (MAR) Building, 

Jalan Gombak, 53100 WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


 +603-6421-3654 / 3644 / 5475 Academic Affairs Unit
 +603-6421-4118 / 3632 / 5479 Recruitment & Student Activity Unit


Issues that can be submitted via AAU Virtual Counter (General Inquiry) are as follows:

1.  Co-Cu study plan.

2.  Co-Cu courses not allocated.

3.  Financial Block.

4.  Co-Cu subject not in my study plan.

5.  Change Co-Cu skills/subjects.

6.  Final year students with incomplete Co-Cu.

7.  Register more than 1 Co-Cu skills/subjects.

8.  Consultations on Co-Cu study plan.

9.  Looking for trainer’s contacts

10.  Co-Cu Activity Transcript.

11.  Manual registration of Co-Cu subjects.

12.  Independent Study.

13.  Credit Earned

Issues that can be submitted via RESA Virtual Counter (General Inquiry) are as follows:

1. LTIF Teaching Claim

2. Appointment Letter of LTIF

3. Student Activity Programme

4. Certification Letter (for renewal of student visa)

5. New Recruitment of LTIF

6. Contact Number of LTIF

7.  Others