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Credited Co-Curricular Department,

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International Islamic University Malaysia,

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Credited Co-Curricular Department, STADD,

International Islamic University Malaysia,

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Centre for Credited Leadership and Virtues, IIUM

Study Plan

For Undergraduates with Matric No. 111xxxx onwards

For Undergraduates with Matric No. 171xxxx onwards

Course TitlePackage
CCAC 3441Archery Course 1 (Theory & Practical)Outdoor Sports
CCAC 3442Archery Course 2 (Rules for Tournament)Outdoor Sports
CCAN 2441Archery 1 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCAN 2442Archery 2 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCAN 3441Archery 3 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCAN 3442Archery 4 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCBN 3431Badminton Course 1 (Theory & Practical)Indoor Sport
CCBN 3432Badminton Course 2 (Rules for Tournament)Indoor Sport
CCCD 3111Community Services 1Interest-based
CCCD 3112Community Services 2Interest-based
CCCN 2561Silat Cekak 1 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCCN 2562Silat Cekak 2 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCCN 3561Silat Cekak 3 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCCN 3562Silat Cekak 4 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCCS 3231Basic Counselling Skills 1Interest-based
CCCS 3232Basic Counselling Skills 2Interest-based
CCCS 3361Cooking Skills 1Interest-based
CCCS 3362Cooking Skills 2Interest-based
CCDN1351EEnglish Debate 1Niche Area
CCDN1352EEnglish Debate 2Niche Area
CCDN2351EEnglish Debate 3Niche Area
CCDN2352EEnglish Debate 4Niche Area
CCDN3351EEnglish Debate 5Niche Area
CCDN3352EEnglish Debate 6Niche Area
CCDS 2350Advanced Debating 1 (for Debaters)Interest-based
CCDS 2351Presentation & Critical Thinking SkillsInterest-based
CCDS 2352Public Speaking & Contemporary IssuesInterest-based
CCDS 3350Advanced Debating 2 (for Debaters)Interest-based
CCDS 3351Advanced Debating (for Non-Debaters)Interest-based
CCDS2350AAdvanced Debating 1 (for Arabic Debaters)Interest-based
CCDS3350AAdvanced Debating 2 (for Arabic Debaters)Interest-based
CCEN 2401Entrepreneurship 1 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCEN 2402Entrepreneurship 2 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCEN 3401Entrepreneurship 3 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCEN 3402Entrepreneurship 4 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCFA 3071First Aid Skills 1Interest-based
CCFA 3072First Aid Skills 2Interest-based
CCFC 3411Football Course 1 (Theory & Practical)Outdoor Sports
CCFC 3412Football Course 2 (Rules for Tournament)Outdoor Sports
CCFM 2052Family Management and ParentingManagement
CCGN 2141Gamelan Course 1 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCGN 2142
Gamelan Course 2 (Niche Area)
Niche Area
CCGN 3141Gamelan Course 3 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCGN 3142Gamelan Course 4 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCGS 3141Gamelan Course 1Music
CCGS 3142Gamelan Course 2Music
CCHB 1012
Study Circle 2 (Brothers)
CCHR 3571Horse Riding & Management Skills 1Interest-based
CCHR 3572Horse Riding & Management Skills 2Interest-based
CCHS 1012
Study Circle 2 (Sisters)
CCIN 2601Information Literacy 1
Niche Area
CCIN 2602Information Literacy 2Niche Area
CCIN 3601Information Literacy 3Niche Area
CCIN 3602Information Literacy 4Niche Area
CCKG 3141Percussion Instruments Course 1Music
CCKG 3142Percussion Instruments Course 2Music
CCKN 2131Khat 1 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCKN 2132Khat 2 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCKN 3131Khat 3 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCKN 3132Khat 4 (Niche Area)Niche Area
CCKS 3131Khat Skills Course 1
CCKS 3132Khat Skills Course 2
CCLM 2051Leadership and ManagementManagement
CCMG 3281
Mosque Management 1
CCMG 3282Mosque Management 2Interest-based
CCMK 3121Karate Skills 1 (Theory & Practical)Martial Arts
CCMK 3122Karate Skills 2 (Rules for Tournament)Martial Arts
CCMT 3121
Taekwondo Skills 1 (Theory & Practical)
Martial Arts
CCMT 3122
Taekwondo Skills 2 (Rules for Tournament)
Martial Arts
CCNC 3451
Netball Course 1 (Theory & Practical)
Outdoor Sports
CCNC 3452
Netball Course 2 (Rules for Tournament)
Outdoor Sports
CCNM 1031
Study Circle 1 (Non-Muslims)
CCNM 1032
Study Circle 2 (Non-Muslims)
CCPA 1591Kor SISPA 1
Uniform Bodies
CCPA 1592Kor SISPA 2
Uniform Bodies
CCPA 2591Kor SISPA 3
Uniform Bodies
CCPA 2592Kor SISPA 4
Uniform Bodies
CCPA 3591Kor SISPA 5Uniform Bodies
CCPA 3592Kor SISPA 6Uniform Bodies
CCPS 3101Photography Skills 1Interest-based
CCPS 3102Photography Skills 2Interest-based
CCRN 3151Recreation 1Interest-based
CCRN 3152Recreation 2
CCRS 2501Rover Scout 1Niche Area
CCRS 2502Rover Scout 2Niche Area
CCRS 3501Rover Scout 3Niche Area
CCRS 3502Rover Scout 4Niche Area
CCSB 3211
Swimming Skills 1 (Brothers)
Outdoor Sports
CCSB 3212Swimming Skills 2 (Brothers)Outdoor Sports
CCSL 3611
Malaysian Sign Language 1Interest-based
CCSL 3612
Malaysian Sign Language 2Interest-based
CCSM 3271Event Management Skills 1Interest-based
CCSM 3272
Event Management Skills 2
CCSP 1521
Uniform Bodies
Uniform Bodies
Uniform Bodies
Uniform Bodies
Uniform Bodies
Uniform Bodies
CCSS 3211Swimming Skills 1 (Sisters)Outdoor Sports
CCSS 3212Swimming Skills 2 (Sisters)Outdoor Sports
CCSS 3371Sewing Skills 1Interest-based
CCSS 3372Sewing Skills 2Interest-based
CCST 3221Sepak Takraw Course 1 (Theory & Practical)Outdoor Sports
CCST 3222Sepak Takraw Course 2 (Rules for Tournament)Outdoor Sports
CCTC 3181Tennis Course 1 (Theory & Practical)Outdoor Sports
CCTC 3182Tennis Course 2 (Rules for Tournament)Outdoor Sports
CCTH 1021Tahfiz Class 1Niche Area
CCTH 1022Tahfiz Class 2Niche Area
CCTH 2021Tahfiz Class 3Niche Area
CCTH 2022Tahfiz Class 4Niche Area
CCTH 3021Tahfiz Class 5Niche Area
CCTH 3022Tahfiz Class 6Niche Area
CCTH 3321
Special Tahfiz Class 1
CCTH 3322Special Tahfiz Class 2Interest-based
CCUB 1621
Usrah Budi 1
CCUB 2621
Usrah Budi 2
CCUB 3621Usrah Budi 3Spiritual
CCUB 4621Usrah Budi 4Spiritual
CCVL 3171Volleyball Course 1 (Theory & Practical)Outdoor Sports
CCVL 3172Volleyball Course 2 (Rules for Tournament)Outdoor Sports
CCZD 1551
ROTU Army 1
Uniform Bodies
CCZD 1552ROTU Army 2Uniform Bodies
CCZD 2551ROTU Army 3Uniform Bodies
CCZD 2552ROTU Army 4Uniform Bodies
CCZD 3551ROTU Army 5Uniform Bodies
CCZD 3552ROTU Army 6Uniform Bodies
CCZU 1541ROTU Air Force 1Uniform Bodies
CCZU 1542ROTU Air Force 2Uniform Bodies
CCZU 2541ROTU Air Force 3Uniform Bodies
CCZU 2542ROTU Air Force 4Uniform Bodies
CCZU 3541ROTU Air Force 5Uniform Bodies
CCZU 3542ROTU Air Force 6Uniform Bodies