Why and How to Islamize Knowledge

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Why and How to Islamize Knowledge

By Spahic Omer

(Summary: This study is about Islamization of knowledge (IOK). It focuses on the inevitability and legitimacy of IOK, as well as on the ways IOK should be implemented. For facilitating the task, knowledge has been divided into four main dimensions: knowledge itself as the end-product; application of knowledge for the practical aims of human life; processes and attitudes by which knowledge is generated (ethics); and the world of ideas and thought (worldviews and philosophies) whence knowledge originates and upon which it is based. Each science, or branch of knowledge, ought to be treated differently, according to its own specifications. Naturally, some sciences will concentrate more on some, and other sciences on other, dimensions. As part of IOK, furthermore, four comprehensive academic courses have been proposed to be taught in institutions of higher learning: Islamic worldview (or philosophy), Islamic ethics, Islamic civilisation, and Western civilisation. They are recommended not to be isolated courses with general contents, but to be integral segments of every academic program’s curriculum, designed and delivered in response to the different needs of different sciences.)Read More