Other Projects

Other Projects

1. Relief Works

IIUM was the first University who sent its volunteers to help the tsunami victims of Aceh and Kuala Muda in 2004. It was done in collaboration with the Malaysian Arm Forces. Since then IIUM continued to send students and staff to help the victims for 2 years under Post-tsunami Recovery Project.

CENSERVE has been in the front line to send IIUM volunteers to help flood victims around Malaysia. 

2. Local Community Development Projects

SENDI is a Masjid-based project. Masjid is used as the centre for the activities with the main objective to help teenagers develop positive values and avoid negative influences such as drugs abuse and other immoral activities. The project Is in collaboration with Masjid Committee. The project was run by various clubs to get experience understanding issues of the community and serve the community with their skills motivating children and teenagers.

3. Outreach to Rohingya Community

CENSERVE has been actively involved in helping the Rohingya refugees in Ampang, Selayang and Gombak.

4. Programmes at Disable Centres

CENSERVE used to send its volunteers to PERTIS to help the blinds to read articles to enable them to retype in braille. 

5. Qur’anic-based activities

The Quranic Youth Club and Jamiyatul Khadamatil Quran Club are 2 clubs under CENSERVE which promotes Quranic teachings to school students around Gombak. The volunteers conduct Quranic classes including, tarranum, tafsir, tahsin, qiraat for the school students.

6. Street Dakwah Events

 CENSERVE students are active in street dakwah activities reaching out people in the streets distributing pamphlets on Islam and halal lifestyle.