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Career Consultation Services

Career Consultation Services

  • Resume Writing Skills
  • Job Interview
  • Student Career Profiling (SCP)

The test is conducted every semester to all new intake students as a way to outreach and giving effective career counseling/ consultation at early journey of their study. 

SCP gives overall ideas on one’s career development which covers the areas of personality and career interest. Profiling being made for career self-exploration and consultation is provided for better career planning. The overall results are then will be presented to respective kulliyyah for their future projection.


  • Career Group Counselling : Career Decision Making Group (CDMG)

This group will be focusing on the career decision making among students who are still unsure about their future career. Just knowing that one's problems are not unique and having the feeling of togetherness can help students to feel more at ease about their life challenges. This is one of the reasons that we decided to conduct a group career counseling program at Counseling and Career Services Centre. International Islamic University Malaysia.



  1. To ensure individual group members gain knowledge, skills and strategies, connection with peers, identifying with the issue, and a sense of belonging.
  2. To identify their potentials and whether they are able to meet the job requirements (skills).
  3. To provide and opportunity for students to begin evaluation their career values and transferable skills and how to translate those into criteria for a future career.
  4. To assist the students to have a better understanding of career options, thus enabling them to make better decisions about their future careers.
  5. To provide students with an opportunity to experience the real setting of their preferred working place.
  6. To open new perspectives about current job market, current technologies, and latest issues.