Marine Science

Marine Science

Brief History

The Department of Marine Science aims to provide a foundation to the students to the basic understanding of marine sciences, expose them to technology and advancement made in the field and introduce critically thinking to discuss current issues and manage the marine environment. The program has minor in Islamic Revealed Knowledge in addition to the core Marine subjects. This will generate competently and skilled marine scientists who will contribute to nation-building and be the pride of Muslim Ummah.

The Department of Marine Science has her first intake of undergraduate students in September 2014. The program constitutes of 4 years study plan and offers THREE (3) concentrations:

  • integrated coastal and zone management (ICZM)
  • aquaculture and sea farming
  • fisheries and postharvest technology

Graduated Marine Science students will serve the government and non-government agencies such as the Fisheries Department, Maritime Enforcement, Ministry of Science and Technology, researchers in universities, private companies or related agencies, Academia, navy services, Consultancy Companies etc.


  • Produce professionals who are able to optimize the use of technology in assessing, analyzing and utilizing marine resources
  • Nurture continuous education for advancing knowledge and skills in marine science and technology to marine scientists
  • Produce professionals with ability to integrate their technical knowledge and skill with Islamic values and ethics


  • Produce knowledgeable and professional marine scientist to serve the society, public and private sectors, and the whole Muslim ummah.
  • Produce competent and skillful graduates in the field of marine science and technology in accordance with the University mission and vision
  • Increase the number of professionals in marine science and technology sector to fulfill the national and international demands

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Department of Marine Science Kulliyyah of Science, International Islamic University Malaysia, Bandar Indera Mahkota, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.

Phone No: +609 571 6754 Fax No: +609 571 6789

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