Department of Qur'anic Language (QLD)

معلومات الاتصال


Department of Qur'anic Language (QLD)


Department of Qur’anic Language (QLD) is one of the department under CELPAD. It has been established to offer the Qur’anic version of Arabic Language courses to all students of the Centre for Foundation Studies.

There are 51 academic staff in the department which consists of 44 Malaysians and 7 foreign staff from Sudan, Mesir and Singapore.

The QLD accommodates a wide range of students who intend to further their studies in all departments at the CFS. These include those who do not have any knowledge of Arabic as well as those who received their education fully or partly in Arabic.


The general objectives of the Arabic courses are:

  • to help students majoring in English at the University to acquire knowledge of the Arabic Language which will enable them to understand at least the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (s.a.w) in the original text;
  • to enable students majoring in Arabic at the University (i.e. students in the Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Arabic Programmes) to acquire skills for understanding Arabic lectures, taking notes directly from lectures in Arabic, writing answer scripts in Arabic and using original sources in Arabic for conducting research.


The department offers the following courses :

  • LQM 0106 Quranic Language I (all Sciences & Arts programme except BAR, IRK, ARCOM & Laws [Syariah])
  • LQM 0206 Quranic Language II (all Sciences & Arts programme except BAR, IRK, ARCOM & Laws [Syariah])
  • LQM 0348 Quranic Language III & IV (BAR, IRK, LAWS [SYARIAH])
  • LQM 0508 Quranic Language V (BAR, IRK, LAWS [SYARIAH])
  • LQM 0608 Quranic Language VI (BAR, IRK, LAWS [SYARIAH])