Computing Facilities

Computing Facilities

A heavily demanded facility that the library offer is the PC with internet connection for students's academic use. Use of these PCs are limited to 2 hours per day. To use these PCs, you are to log-in to these PCs at the library (if available) or do a reservation (if occupied) for a time later in the day or the day after. A library barcode will be used as username and PIN as password in order to use this computers.

Computer Labs

Computer Labs are available at Level 2 and 3. These labs are especially for user education classes conducted by the Library. When there are no classes held, users are allowed to use the PCs for academic purposes.

Multimedia Opening Hours

Opening hours for computer labs at level 3 will follow the opening hours for Multimedia & Special Collection counter.

DayDuring SemesterExam PeriodSemester Break
Mon-Thu8.00am - 5.45pm8.00am - 5.45pm8.00am - 4.45pm
Fri8.00am - 12.15noon 
 2.30pm - 5.45pm2.30pm - 5.45pm2.30pm - 4.45pm

* The Circulation Counter will be closed 30 minutes before the library closing time

Internet Workstations

Internet enabled computers are also available at level 1, 3 and 4. Users are required to login to use these computers and usage are restricted to 2 hours per day for academic use only.


To find books or information resources,customers use the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) stations which are available on all levels.

Full Text Terminal

A full text terminal is available at Level 2 and Level 1. This terminal is dedicated for searching and viewing full text digitize contents from our Digital Library such as Manuscripts, Theses and etc.

Wireless Facility

Personal laptop/notebook use in the library is facilitated by wireless network. To utilize this facility, you are to register your laptop at Information Technology Division (ITD). The library provide power charging points for your personal laptops/notebook. look out for areas identified for this purpose.