Centre for Unmanned Technologies

Centre for Unmanned Technologies




a.    Final Side Mirror Tester

Working in collaboration with Delloyd Industries Sdn. Bhd. to develop a final side mirror tester to test all functionalities (eg. mirror movement, folding, side turn signal, antenna) of each side mirror unit before leaving the factory using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).















b.    Todak (Sea Patrolling, Surveillance)

Working in collaboration with Delloyd Industries Sdn. Bhd. to develop a final side mirror tester to test all functionalities (eg. mirror movement, folding, side turn signal, antenna) of each side mirror unit before leaving the factory using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

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  • eScience: Development of Multi-Agent Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) for Hydrography Survey.
  • Navigation and Data Acquisition, STRIDE Ministry of Defense
  • Development of Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS) in collaboration with Delloyd R&D Sdn. Bhd. and C&C iMotive Sdn. Bhd. (ongoing)

Conventionally, for undertaking bathymetric survey, the data obtained from the measurements are recorded in the log book and must go through some screening process before plotting contour. This procedure is not only slow, but also requires a lot of logistical equipment other and workforces such as boat and boatman, surveyor, coordinate recorder, timer, data combiner and data analysts. Robotics System that is capable to perform hydro-graphic survey operation in a group formation can be a better and faster solution to this problem. However, this involves the integration of multiparameter sensors with the GPS coordinates. The operation is performed by using several units of Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASVs) platforms that can transmit data wirelessly to the ground station for a real-time data processing and analysis. We propose a research to develop a multi-agent ASVs for Bathymetric operation. The main purpose of the invention is to simplify and speed up mapping and underwater. 


This project is to establish a platform for future upgrades, allowing the usage or integration of multiple industrial sensors with the vessel. It also to upgrade the controller and navigational system to the latest and stable technologies and allowing the vessel to be controlled through waypoints using mobile application.


This project aims to produce an OEM product that will be included in mass production cars. The features that will be available in this product are as follows:

                        i.        Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

                      ii.        Front Collision Warning System (FCWS)

                     iii.        Auto Light System

                     iv.        Wireless Communication (Android Based)

                       v.        Traffic Light Recognition

                     vi.        Road Sign Recognition

                   vii.        Padestrian Collision

                  viii.        Headway Monitoring Warning System


  1. Sun visor Endurance and Durability Tester (ongoing)

Working in collaboration with Delloyd Industries Sdn. Bhd.  to develop Sunvisor endurance tester for their very own product (a sun visor).

  1. Inner-mirror Endurance Tester (ongoing)

Working in collaboration with Delloyd Industries Sdn. Bhd. to develop an Inner-mirror endurance tester for the their very own product (an inner-mirror)

  1. Application of Stretchable Circuit for Cracking Monitoring System (ongoing)

Working in collaboration with Jabil Co. to develop a stretchable circuit for cracking monitoring system.

  1. Facilitating co-curricular class for Sekolah Rendah Islam Al-Amin Gombak (ongoing)

Facilitating and conducting weekly robotic education class for Sekolah rendah Al-Amin Gombak.

  1. Monitoring System for AGV using IoT

Developing an AGV monitoring system for AGV units in Proton Tanjung Malim using IoTs.


  1. Save Energy in Kulliyyah Of Engineering (KOE)

This project is led by Dr. Zulkifli where it mainly focuses on saving energy in the lecture rooms. The lecture room provides projector which is continuously on even when there is no lecture. An auto-shut down mechanism for the projector when it is not in use needs to be tested. By creating this, cost can be cut and at the same time, energy will be saved. Thus, this project is about making a timer for the projector. One Roboteam member is in charge and this is an ongoing research.

  1. Library

Collaborated with IIUM Library, IIUM Roboteam obtained a request from IIUM Library to design a system that can manage Controlled Access Collection that is present in library. The Controlled Access Collection is made up of materials that are heavily used. One of the materials is red spot books. Red spot books are a type of book that are exclusive and can be borrowed for only two hours. The requested system is to manage the time use of the books. This system will remind the students who borrow the book to return the book on time. 4 of our Roboteam members are involved.

  1. Proton AGV

The project is a collaboration of IIUM Roboteam with Proton Tanjung Malim Sdn. Bhd. This project is about producing AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) for Proton manufacturing plant. 4 persons in charge involving 2 students and 2 lecturers start their project from the main design until the development.



  1. Portable Autogate System

This project is to design an autogate system that is portable. It is used in housing area. First design was tested and sold for RM2000. It is then developed by our member as his final year project title. Basically, this system used RFID, GUI, image processing and time stamping.

  1. Development of an Alcohol and Lard Detection Device

Exhibited the Initial Prototype in Malaysian International Food and Beverage Trade Fair in KLCC.

  1. RFID system

RFID system is to control the in and out of students into Robot Design Lab. This RFID system is also to increase the security of Robot Design Lab. It will detect Roboteam members' matric card first then door will open. The system is implemented on automatic door lock system at Robot Design Lab.

  1. Gimmick on 20th IIUM Engineering Conference

Gimmick for 20th IIUM Engineering Conference. The gimmick is held at Sunway Hotel. 3D projection mapping is introduced for the launching of 20th IIUM Engineering Conference. About 11 members were involved in this project.

  1. MyInovasi 2014

CFS students from Petaling Jaya seek assistance from us on their project prototype for MyInovasi 2014 competition. Their product is to help blind people in their daily life. Basically, they are creating spectacles that can give signal if the blind person is facing obstacles. They are guided in circuit design, PCB making, mechanical design and also Arduino programming.

  1. Community Service to Schools

This is a project that occupies our objectives which is to serve to the community. We organize an Arduino workshop with a lighter module to meet the level of primary or secondary school students. Our objective is to introduce Arduino to the schools' students. First school that we reached is one of the Roboteam member's former school, SMK Seri Pantai, Kuala Lumpur. The program is a two days program which is held on weekend.


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  1. UIA-WMSB ICT Project (Monitoring Chicken Farm 1.0)

WINDFLEX Marketing Sdn. Bhd. requested IIUM Roboteam to build a system that can control the humidity, the intensity of light and the temperature of chicken farm. This system can help in production of chickens for restaurants. The duration of this project is three months. This project will be continued by our member as a Final Year Project.

IIUM Roboteam is invited to give a training on electronic forensic. This project is in collaboration with PDRM. A talk on First Respondent Course on Practical Digital Forensic Analysis Training is given to the participants from PDRM. Some of modules that were introduced are skimmer and electronic forensic. Our team gave some cases and the participants will solve the cases. Then, the procedures that the participants performed will be checked at the end of the training.