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Competitions & Achievements

Competitions & Achievements


a.    STEM Mentor Mentee Awards 2018

In conjunction with the 17th Malaysia Technology Expo, this program had been held for three days at PWTC. The participants who participate have to set up a booth and present their reports and STEM Programs to the judges.

Achievement: (Special Award) Won the Most Futuristic STEM Mentor Mentee Project                              


b.     PYP Save Our River

Pitch Your Product (PYP) Save Our River is one of the activities included in Save Our River Project (Earth Day). This activity has been organized by Academic Staff Association (ASA), IIUM. IIUM Roboteam had sent a team to pitch their project.

            Achievement:Won a fourth place for the competition.


c.     Robot Contest Malaysia 2018 (ROBOCON Malaysia 2018)

The ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest (ABU Robocon) is an Asian Oceanian College robot competition, founded in 2002 by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.Each year competition has different topics, but generally speaking two robots must be used to complete the tasks. To build the robots, contestants, who are restricted to be undergraduate students, push process rich knowledge in programming, mechanical design and electronic circuit design.


The event is broadcast in many countries through ABU member broadcasters.We have been participating the contest every year since the inception and the last was 2013. Our aim is to win this competition where it will bring good image to our university.

Achievement:  Won as a second runner up for the competition



d.     Varsity Industrial engineering Challenge 2018 (Vindrec)

Vindrec is one of the main events organized by ENGITEX IIUM. One team from IIUM Roboteam participated in this competition. This competition is to invent a product or system and present the product. Many representatives from other university.

Achievement:  Be in top 5 among all participants.


e.     ROBATTLE 2018

Robattle is a combat robot competition. The concept of the competition is royal rumble which is 4 robots compete at the same time. The last robot standing is the winner of that round. The competition was held at UniKL MFI on 10th-11thNovember 2018.

Achievement: Won 3rd place for grouping round.





a.    Automation and Control Inovation 2017 (ACEiC 2017)

The participant have to submit the proposal of their project. The project can be  final year project or master and phD project. The selected teams will have to pitch about their project at the final stages

Achievement: Won 3rd place for the competition.

b.     T- Robotics Underwater Challenge (2017)

There are two parts in this underwater competiiton. Participants have to present their robot at the first part. At the second part they have to solve the underwater task by controlled underwater robot. This is the first time IIUM Roboteam join underwater competition.


          Achievement: Won as a champion among 6 teams that participated.

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c.     Pitch Your Product 2017

Pitch Your Product 2017 competition was held on August 8 & 9, 2017 as part of the IIUM World Prosumer Convention. We are happy to announce the winners of PYP 2017 who received their trophies and mock cheques at the prize-giving ceremony on 9th August 2017, at the Senate Hall, IIUM.The Winners for RESEARCHER Category. 1st Prize Winner (USD 2,500 & trophy)

d.     Minesweeper, Towards a Landmine-Free World (2017)

This is an international competition and IIUM have been the co – organizer for this competition. IIUM Roboteam had sent a team to compete in this competition. The participants have to create a robot that detects the landmine according to its theme. This competition gets its theme based on the war that happen around the world.

Achievement: Won Best Design Award                      

e.     Malaysian Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge, MAUVC (2017)

This is an autonomous underwater vehicle challenge has been held at IIUM.It has been organized by IEEE. The participants must complete all the task given in the water by an autonomous robot. IIUM Roboteam had send a team and managed to complete all the task given.

Achievement: Won as champion for the competition



  • Malaysia Robotic Challenge, Nov 2016 (MRC’16) 
  • Motoinno cup 2016
    • Pathfinder (2015) 
    • Malaysia Chem E-Car (2015)
    • Earth Day Competition (2015)
    • Freescale Cup Intelligent Competition, May (2015)
    • Asia Pacific Robotic Competition, Dec 2015 (APROC’ 15)

Participated in MRC’16 (Malaysia Robotic Challenge 2016) in two categories. Held on 4th– 6thMarch in Stadium Stadium Tertutup MPSJ, Jalan Raya 7/1, Serdang Jaya, 43300 Seri Kembangan.Two teams were sent to participate in the Combat Robot Challenge and Tower Defense Challenge.

Achievement: One team won as a champion and won as best in Robot design in MRC’16 Tower Defense Category.


MOTO Innocup 2016 is the forth inter-varsity software competition event sponsored by Motorola Solutions and organised by INTI International College Penang. Roboteam sent one team to participate in the competition and showcase their project "Mission Critical Assistant Manager"

            Achievement: Made it to be one of the Six finalists. Prized a Consolation Prize.



This one day competition was held on 14th March at Notthingham University, Semenyih. The organizer is Nottingham University itself.9 Roboteam members were participating in this competition. Pathfinder competition encourage students to make their own robot using recycled items. The robot basically needs to follow path constructed by the organizing team. They must build their robot on that day.

Achievement: One of the teams won best robot design 


Chem-E-Car competition challenges student teams from institutions of higher learning to construct a shoebox-sized car powered by a chemical reaction. The competition is held from 10th April to 12th April. This competition is hosted by UKM. 4 of our Roboteam members collaborated with BESTA students to join this competition. Two teams were sent which are Sugar Rush and Nutella.

            Achievement: The team named Sugar Rush won 1st runner up for poster competition 



A competition held open to IIUM students to come up with solutions to ensure cleanliness of the river water including filtering muds from clogging the river beds. Organized by ASA (Academic Staff Association), this competition starts with Phase 1 where the students need to submit proposal in order to enter Phase 2. Only 10 best teams can enter Phase 2 where they need to make a prototype to prove their usefullness of machine/ system. 13 members of Roboteam are participating. This competition starts on 12th April and the final will be on 22nd April. 5 groups from IIUM Roboteam get involved in this competition.


            Achievement: One of the IIUM Roboteam won 4th place and won technical award from IEEE 

Organized by Freescale Semiconductor Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., this competition is a collaborative, competitive, and hands-on way for students to learn about embedded systems and control. Freescale will provide a Freescale Challenge kit to the first team that consists of 3 students supervised by one or two coordinators.The Freescale Cup is a global competition where student teams build, program, and race a model car around a track for speed. This competition will be held on 23rd May 2015. 3 of Roboteam members are responsible to manage the participants from students of Microprocessor Based System advised by Dr. Zulkifli.

Title: Image - Description: https://mmi212.whatsapp.net/d/pHY5UJawtNQIAmBFp5A3WVVnCWo/AqjKGIhoSAl61lgkvh3pXfQNRKup97bKco_x-GdvrnRG.jpg      Achievement: IIUM Roboteam won 3rd place out of 60 teams participated in this         competition.

Title: Image - Description: https://mmi206.whatsapp.net/d/gCz_uFf1Tmj3VObK2xLUUlVgNms/AjxmRlsl3dpiKdHC_8GrX6veNa-9N6E7dmgP6gcaeSqW.jpg

Organized by Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation which will be held at APU, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil on 11th June 2015. there are three competitions whih are Fire Fighting, Terrain Racing and Robot-Sumo. Two groups from IIUM ROBOTEAM participate in this competition. 


  • Firefighting & Terrace Racing : won 2nd place 
  • Robot- Sumo: won 3rd place 
    • Aerofest, Nov 2015
    • World Varsity Engineering Challenge 2015 (WOVEC 2015)
    • Projects for Happiness by Khind Starfish Foundation
    • Bank Rakyat YIM Ideation Challenge 2015

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This competition was held in at USM Nibong Tebal,Penang. Participants need to build quadcopter based on the dimension that are stated inth rule. Then, the participant need to control the quadcopter to pass through certain obstacle. The fastest quadcopter that complete all obstacle win the game.

      Achievement: IIUM Roboteam won 1st place and 2nd place 


This competition was organized by ENGINEERING STUDENTS’ SOCIETY 2014/2015 (ENGINIUS XX) KULLIYYAH OF ENGINEERING on 14th- 16th APRIL 2015. Competitors need to invent product that create an alternative solution(s) to the real-time problems that we are facing now that follow the theme of ENGITEX ’15 which is “Beyond limit” and must be within the scope of Household Equipment or Campus needs.

            Achievement: One of the teams won as the Champion

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Projects for Happiness is an initiative by Khind Starfish Foundation for all undergraduates in Malaysia to design grassroots projects for the year 2015 which promote happiness and address the root cause of poverty and poor education. This programme encouraged students to use creativity to design projects and employ innovative techniques for engaging project participants in ways that focus on education, poverty eradication and cultural & performing arts. This project duration is from August to November. 6 secondary schools were involved.

      Achievement:Obtain a fund of RM10 000 from KSFF and crowd to hold Robotic Camp            to the unpreviliged secondary schools.

This programme starts with a 2-days workshop to train students on various thinking methodologies for them to generate ideas that are market-driven with commercial value. After attending the workshop, they will need to submit a 5-minutes video to propose their idea. 3 best ideas will be selected to develop prototype and join another training. 

Achievement: One of the teams won as the Champion




a.     Malaysian International Robot Competitions (MIRoC) (2014) 

Malaysian  International Robot  Competitions  (MIRoC) is  a  robotic competition  organised  by UniMAP.  This  competition offered  many  categories. The  categories  that IIUM  Roboteam  participate are  Fire  Fighting Robot,  Rope  Climbing Robot  and  Conquer Robot


Description: 1609563_528761100568664_3660446158615066160_n.jpg

b.     Penang International Science-Survival Robot Competition (2014)

Survival Robot Competition is opened to all age group and participants. This competition is organised by Cytron. This competition is held in Penang. There will be 4 robots to pick up one trophy cup at the center of the field and bring it back to the starting point. Other robot could snatch back the trophy from opponent's robot before it reached the starting point. IIUM Roboteam sent two teams to participate.

Achievement: Won 1st runner up


c.     Autonomous Hovercraft Competition (2014) 

This competition is organized by University of Nottingham Malaysian Campus UNMC. Participants must build a model of hovercraft after attending a workshop in the morning. An ample of time will be given to the teams before starting the real race. The fastest hovercraft will win the competition. This is a one day competition. 1 of our Roboteam members form a team with other students to join this competition.


Achievement: Obtained Distinctive Design Award 

d.     World Varsity Engineering Challenge 2014 (WOVEC 2014)

WOVEC is one of the main events organized by ENGITEX IIUM. One team from IIUM Roboteam participated in this competition. This competition is to invent a product or system that will bring benefit or to ease human daily life. Many representatives from other university. Roboteam innovation is plug and ride bicycle.

Achievement: Won fifth place 

e.     Innovate Malaysia Design Competition

Innovate Malaysia Design Competition is a multi-discipline engineering design competition open to all final year undergraduate engineering or computer science students in Malaysia. The goal of the contest is to promote innovation culture and mindsets among university graduates, to enhance knowledge and skill set in practical engineering and promote greater interest in engineering design, and to promote more industry and university collaboration. Altera, Intel, Keysight, MathWorks, Microsoft, National Instruments, SilTerra, and ViTrox as the leaders in programmable logic, microprocessor, electronic measurement instrument, numerical computing, software, control automation, IC fabrication, and machine vision respectively, creates an environment of learning through innovation and positive competition by holding a multi-discipline engineering design contest.


o  Qualified for the final list of selected teams

o  Presented in international research invention and innovation exhibition IIUM  2014

f.      UAV SISWA CHALLENGE 2013-2014

Dassault Aviation, MIGHT and UST are organizing the second edition of the UAV Siswa Challenge, an aerospace student challenge dedicated to Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV). Open to students from selected Malaysian universities, it intends to offer, through a motivating and entertaining project, the opportunity to explore advanced aerospace topics linked to concrete industrial subjects of interest. The challenge is build around a competition between the participating students teams, focusing on real-time software development, system integration and smart behaviours applied to UAV systems. 

Achievement: 2 teams become Top 8 all over Malaysia