Working On Campus Starting 1st June 2020

Working On Campus Starting 1st June 2020

Date : 02 June 2020

Reported by : Mohd Ikhwan Azmy

Category : IIUM Community



Dear all,

Please be informed that starting 1st June 2020, staff are no longer required to get approval to come to the office. However, strict adherence to SOP of not more than 5 staff are allowed to be at office at any one time. 

Hence, we would appreciate  that all dept to plan and schedule the attendance of staff to the office accordingly. The schedule should be kept as record at all individual dept.

In term of attendance for Academic Staff, regardless of you WFH of WOC,you are  encouraged to time in and time out in HURIS according to your flexible hours and shall meet 40 hours per week working hours. This is for administrative records (SOCSO etc.)

Your cooperation and understanding to the matters above are highly appreciated.

Thank you, Wassalam.