Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning

Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning


1. Program/MQR No.

Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (BURP) / No. MQR (10240)

2. Brief introduction

Strengthening the background of the prodigious rate of development and its globalization tendency, there is now a need for a new paradigm in the quest of a better environment for man to live in. It is important that the school strive to inculcate the Islamic spirit of caring for the society and the society`s need take precedence over that of individuals and the custodianship of nature through its curriculum. The course is accredited and recognized by Board of Town Planners Malaysia and Malaysian Institute of Planners.


Program Outcome

At the end of the programme, students are expected to be able to:


Outcome Domain

Prepare statutory development plans and planning submissions consistent with the requirements of the latest knowledge and state-of-the-art technology.     


Undertake development planning studies, feasibility studies and impact assessment studies in relation to land use and built environment with relevant skills.

Practical Skills

Facilitate and advise various agencies that include governmental, non-governmental organisations, public and/or private bodies in the development of land in the best interest of the community and responsibility for the environment.

Social skills and Responsibilities

Integrate professional planning practice and demonstrate behaviour of high ethical values in line with planning ethics and Codes of Professional Conduct.

Value, Attitudes and Professionalism

Communicate effectively with stakeholders in development projects and exhibit leadership qualities in development projects.

Communication, Leadership and Team Skills

Apply intellectual critical thinking, problem-solving approach and ethical reasoning in appraising and planning cities and regions within the context of sustainable development.

Problem Solving and Scientific Skill

Practice advocacy planning and make representations in any arbitration involving planning and land matters with state-of-the-art technology.

Information Management and Lifelong Learning Skills

Work individually and in groups with high levels of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Managerial and Entrepreneurial

Integrate Islamic principles in planning practices and demonstrate Islamic values in professional conduct.

Integration of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Values


Career Opportunities

A Job prospect for Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning graduates includes:
  • Town Planning Officer with the Jabatan Perancang Bandar dan Desa (JPBD), Local Authorities, Regional Development Authorities or Rural Development Authorities.
  • Corporate (Chartered)/Professional Planners – running own practice or as partnership or as an employee in a big urban Planners organization;
  • Transport Planners, GIS Planners, Environmentalist, Social Urban Planners, Urban Designers and various fields of works that related to urban and regional planning.
  • Academician (Tutors, Lecturers and professors) in teaching and lecturing in various architecture and environmental design schools;
  • Project Manager – managing a development project on behalf of a client;
  • Consultant or Advisor – to plan a development projects;
  • Specialist in spatial analyses with using multi spatial technologies such as Computer Aided Design (CAD); GIS, Satellite Processing, Planning and Decision Support System and Statistical Analysis.
  • Research Officer (with universities, research institutions, NGO’s or private firms


Program Structure

University Required Courses (20 Credit Hours)

Course title       Course Code
MPU 3112         Hubungan Etnik (Malaysian Only)
MPU 3122         Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS) (Malaysian Only)
LM 1020            Bahasa Melayu 1 for Nusantara (Nusantara Only)
LM 1021            Bahasa Melayu 2 for Nusantara (Nusantara Only)
LM 1040            Bahasa Melayu 1 for International (International Only)
LM 1041            Bahasa Melayu 2 for International (International Only)         
UNGS 2060       Malay Virtues Heritage & Malaysian Society (International & Nusantara)
TQ 1001            Tilawah Al-Quran 1
TQ 2001            Tilawah Al-Quran 2
LQ 1008            Quranic Language 1
LQ 2008            Quranic Language 2
CCUB 1621       Usrah 1 (BUDI)
CCUB 2621       Usrah 2 (BUDI)
CCUB 3621       Usrah 3 (BUDI)
CCUB 4622       Usrah 4 (BUDI)
CCLM 2051       Leadership Package 1
CCFM 2052       Leadership Package 2
CCAC XXXX       Skills Package 1
CCAC XXXX       Skills Package 2
UNGS 2080       Ethics and Fiqh for Contemporary Issues
UNGS 2090       The Islamic Worldview, Knowledge and Civilization
UNGS 2011       Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
LE 4000             English for Academic Writing

Kulliyyah Required Courses (5 Credit Hours)

Course title        Course Code
AAR 1230          Quran Sunnah and Built Environment
LM 2026            Bahasa Melayu Kerjaya (Malaysian Only)

Department Required Courses (115 Credit Hours)

    Year 1:  Semester 1

Course Code    Course Name                                            Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AUP 1102        Planning Studio 1                                                6                      12
AUP 1101        Site Planning                                                       3                        3
AUP 1110        Principles of Urban and Regional Planning 1       3                        3
AUP 1111        CAD & Multimedia for Planning                          3                       6

    Year 1: Semester 2
Course Code     Course Name                                            Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AUP 1202         Planning Studio 2                                                6                     12
AUP 1210         Principles of Urban and Regional Planning 2       3                      3
AUP 1211         Geomatics                                                           3                      6
AUP 1203         Islamic Urbanism                                                 3                      3

    Year 2:  Semester 1
Course Code     Course Name                                            Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AUP 2102         Planning Studio 3                                                 6                     12
AUP 2101         Introduction to Urban Design                               3                       3
AUP 2103         Introduction to Housing                                        3                      3
AUP 2121         Elements of Infrastructure                                     2                      2
AUP 2134         Social and Community Planning                           3                      3

    Year 2:  Semester 2
Course Code     Course Name                                            Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AUP 2202         Planning Studio 4                                                 6                     12
AUP 2222         GIS Application for Built Environment                  3                      3
AUP 2225         Urban Traffic System                                           2                      2
AUP 2226         Planning Techniques                                             3                      3
AUP 2260         Economics for Planning                                        3                      3

    Year 3:  Semester 1
Course Code     Course Name                                            Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AUP 3102         Planning Studio 5                                                 6                     12
AUP 3114         Regional Planning                                                 3                      3
AUP 3125         Transportation Planning                                        3                      3
AUP 3155         Planning and Decision Support System                 2                      4
AUP 3161         Aspects of Land Valuation                                    2                      2

    Year 3:  Semester 2
Course Code     Course name                                            Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AUP 3202         Planning Studio 6                                                 6                      12
AUP 3215         Planning Theory                                                   3                      3
AUP 3262         Planning Law and Procedure                                3                      3
AUP 3272         Research Method for Built Environment               3                      3

    Year 3 :  Semester 3
Course Code     Course Name                                           Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AUP 3363         Practical Training (10 weeks)                              0                       0

    Year 4:  Semester 1
Course Code     Course Name                                           Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AUP 4116          Project Impact Assessment                               3                      3
AUP 4164          Public Administration and Finance                     3                      3
AUP 4170          Project Paper                                                    6                      6
AUP 34**          Elective 1                                                           3                      3

    Year 4:  Semester 2
Course Code     Course Name                                             Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AUP 4218         Comparative Planning System                             3                       3
AUP 4265         Professional Planning Practice                             3                       3
AQS 4292         Project Management for Built Environment          2                       2
AUP 44**         Elective 2                                                              3                       3

Elective Course (6 Credit Hours)

Islamic Planning

Course Code     Course Name                                           Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AUP 3411          Islamic Planning Principles                                  3                      3
AUP 4412          Islamic Human Settlement                                   3                      3

Environment & Resource Planning
Course Code     Course Name                                           Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AUP 4411          Introduction to Urban Management                    3                       3
AUP 3421          Disaster Management and Planning                    3                       3

Tourism Planning
Course Code     Course Name                                           Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AUP 3441         Tourism Planning and Development                    3                       3
AUP 4211         Park Planning and Recreation Development        3                       3

Course Code     Course Name                                                Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AUP 4422         Housing Economics, Affordability and Finance         3                       3
AUP 4452         Comparative Housing Design                                   3                       3

Social Planning
Course Code     Course Name                                               Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AUP 4433         Community Development                                        3                       3
AUP 3471         Universal and Barrier Free Planning                         3                       3

Project Planning and Management   
Course Code     Course Name                                               Credit Hour    Contact Hour
AQS 4131         Property Investment and Valuation                       3                        3
AQS 4290         Facility Management                                            3                        3


Duration of Study

4 years
7. Programme Structure for 181 and above


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